Red Alliance Buys a Renter Alliance

Full Disclosure: FELON (My corporation) was the sole PVP corp in RANE for several months in the middle of 2012.

The long standing renter alliance Rebel Alliance of New Eden (RANE) was sold to Red Alliance by Gypsy Band on the fifth of January. The fact that something as relatively abstract as an entire alliance can be sold may not surprise anyone, but the rumored price will: 500 billion isk. Even given their lengthy existence and relative stability (more below), it's an absurd value. Given their rent payments come to around 35 billion a month, it's more like a Tech II BPO in terms of return on investment. However, despite a variety of diplomatic contacts, no one involved is willing to comment, so the rumor remains unsubstantiated.

Renters are common sources of alliance income outside the moon-rich regions of the north. Lacking Technetium moons and their 5b/month income, the cultivation of renter alliances is often viewed as much simpler than running hundreds of reaction chains. Most renters are short lived, however, lasting only a few months; those that survive the pressures (internal and external alike) of nullsec are few and far between. That makes RANE especially valuable to landlords, as they've been around for around two years and have weathered four separate landlords - White Noise, Red Alliance, Gypsy Band, and now, Red Alliance again. They've proven quite adept at survival, growing from a small number of systems centered on J7-BDX out to 28 systems, gaining five outposts (two acquired, three built) in the process. They're constantly expanding, offering private systems to corporations for reasonable fees, so Red Alliance can expect its investment to grow in value, whether or not the outrageous price tag is true.

Sources: M0ishe (Co-Leader of RANE), Fiberton (RA English Diplomat & Rent Officer), Mathias Karsten (Previous Council Member of RANE)

I'm an accomplished FC and have been playing for six years, I run FELON, the founding corp of Sadistica Alliance, and head the alliance. I also manage a ~50b isk market to support the alliance and am currently working as a technical writing intern.