RAZOR Loses Erebus in Y-W1Q3

The single biggest killer of Titans in Eve Online remains the 'Jump To' button. NCdot responded quickly to another such error and took out a RAZOR Erebus.


[17:23:12] daves dream > We were hotdropping a fleet of 25-ish. I jumped instead of bridging. They burned a cyno faster than we could and I couldn't get my fleet to Y-W fast enough.
[17:23:22] daves dream > We got a few carriers in, but not enough to hold reps.


The lossmail can be found here.


Had the Titan been fit with a tank, it may have survived long enough for support carriers to arrive; untanked it was rapidly destroyed before word got out.


Artist's rendition of the event (apologies to TEST and Beffah, art by Espaa):


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