-A- Ragnarok Lost To Pandemic Legion

It started off as a routine day for Vendura, an -A- Ragnarok pilot, logging in right before downtime in order to move somewhere, using the downtime as a cover. Except that this time Vendura ran into a Pandemic Legion trap.

He had cynoed in 3 days prior right before DT, upon which time he was bubbled by a PL guy, “MrBlue”, however PL was unable to capitalize on the bubbles before down time arrived and the Vendura's Ragnarok was safe. When the servers came back up, the smacktalk commenced via alts and fellow -A- members:

[11:23:13] Taste This > oh herrow
[11:22:48] bloody misery > thecatzsatonmimats so i hear u suck bro
[11:23:14] bloody misery > were gonna log it on shadoo u fucked eyebrow mofo
[11:23:19] 0Musky > shadoo be dissapointed
[11:23:20] bloody misery > lololol
[11:25:50] bloody misery > cant believe ur sniffing that hard for a few pixel kills
[11:23:57] bloody misery > we can do shit erry dt
[11:24:01] bloody misery > erry day

MrBlue apparently took offense to the smacktalk, and left his dictor alt - complete with cyno - sitting in the titan’s log-off spot.

Then, with just 2 minutes to go until DT 3 days later, the -A- titan logged back in, and MrBlue was waiting. MrBlue got tackle, lit his cyno, and in jumped 10 Pandemic Legion titans, read to light this guy up. With just 45 seconds left to go until the EVE cluster shutdown, PL started lightingt their doomsdays, and with just 15 seconds to go until the titan was safe, the final DD went off, and the -A- titan exploded. The target titan had logged off inside MrBlue’s bubble, and thus was unable to activate his tank or overheat his hardeners, and thus 10 DDs was more than enough to turn his Ragnarok back into the space junk and duct tape it was made from.


KB Link: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14949284

Barrien is one of the editors of themittani.com. When not editing, he plays PlanetSide 2 in the 666th Devil Dogs on Connery, and Firefall in the Alpha Imperium army.