PS2 Station Cash Unlocks Going Account-Wide

It has been less than two weeks since Planetside 2's rather successful release, but Sony's development team shows no sign of slowing down. Three days ago, Sony CEO John Smedley revealed some of Planetside 2's big gameplay aspirations with a screenshot of a giant flying aircraft carrier that seems likely to play a big role in Auraxian warfare in a distant future patch. Over the weekend, Creative Director Matt Higby had an exclusive sitdown with Massively to talk about what was likely to come in the more immediate future.

While there a number of topics addressed in Higby's interview, the most exciting announcement was that items purchased with Station Cash would be unlocked account-wide rather than restricted to the character you had originally bought them on. The details haven't been finalized and no date has been given, but empire-specific unlocks would almost certainly only be available on characters of the same faction and would not result in translated purchases (i.e. a Vanu Lasher purchase would not unlock a Mini-Chaingun on your Terran Republic alt). On the plus side, the account-wide unlocks will be retroactive, so anyone who has already shelled out a small fortune on giraffe camo, skull helmets, and golden mermaid hood ornaments can rest easy in the knowledge that they will be able to display their nouveau riche fashion sense account-wide.  

Also of note, the ability to rearrange the UI to your heart's content will be making a return in a future update. While Sony recently came down with a very firm 'no' in regards to player modifications to the UI, they appear to have heard their players' concerns and will be reintroducing this feature, which existed for a short while in the beta (before being pulled due to bugginess), to Planetside 2. In the immediate future, however, SOE seems content to build upon their success by polishing the game, fixing bugs, and increasing server stability.

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