Providence War Update: Fortress 9-F0B2?

(Editor's Note: This article is written by Ali Aras, a member of one of the corporations (Of Sound Mind) involved in the conflict. It was sanity checked by a member of Old Provibloc to ensure neutrality.)

Remarkably, the war in Providence is still going.

The war kicked off last Tuesday with a heavy EUTZ onslaught by CVA loyalists (henceforth "Old Provibloc"), who put up SBUs and reinforced all structures in 4B-NQN along with the 9-F0B2 ihub. The first shots in the war of words were fired the next day, with editorials by both Of Sound Mind (SOUND) and Old Provibloc posted on this site. Both sides have posted followups as well: a SOUND listing of diplomatic grievances and a Providence News post regarding an FC who shifted to the SOUND side. The EVE subreddit has had a few propoganda images posted as well, although this is no Fountain war.

In the next few days, the sides of the conflict sorted themselves out. Almost all of Providence followed CVA and VOLT in the war declaration; 4TH, APOC, AFK, and several non-sovholding entities have all shown up for fleets. After posts went up, SOUND received a number of offers of help from groups who either had an axe to grind or a desire for fights. A loose confederation has formed (henceforth "the Rebels"), bringing the numbers on each side closer to even. The list of people who've showed up is long and diverse. We've seen Noir, Dirt Nap Squad, Brave Collective, Bomber's Bar, Darkside (along with other Curse Russians), the CFC, and N3ST (yes, on the same side!). Others have shown up just to torch everything, including Surely You're Joking and Verge of Collapse. Meanwhile, Sev3rance, another Providence holder, opted to remain neutral to SOUND but shoot at anything KOS to Providence.

With sides picked, the two groups have been duking it out. Some of the fights have produced some good footage: Mad Ani streamed some of the 4B timers, and Surely You're Joking edited a great video of a surprise triple bombing run. XavierVE, one of the SOUND FCs, has been regularly updating a battlereport thread on Failheap. In general, Old Provibloc is dominant in EUTZ, while the Rebels hold USTZ firm (Provi AUTZ sucks). On Monday night, the Rebels went on the offensive, reinforcing two towers. However, the following days saw heavier EUTZ onslaughts, leaving more repping work in the US.

This war has the unique distinction of being a grudgematch, not an economic struggle. It's being fought primarily by smaller independent entities, and the politics are more complex than just red vs blue. Capital ships have seen light use on both sides. Neither group was completely ready for war, so the combat can't drag on for too long. Regardless, while it lasts, it's a content fountain for everybody.

CSM8 Vice-Secretary, @ali_of_space, TMC editor. I play EVE, LoL, and miscellaneous other games.