Priceless Guardian-Vexor Destroyed

(Editor's Note: This breaking news is sent to us by one of our new contributors, Ectweak, who doesn't yet have a TMC account. Only fifty Guardian-Vexors  were given out during an in-game event early in EVE's history (2003-2004), making them priceless collectors items.)

Jita – The Forge

Late on the evening of the apocalypse, a lone soldier going by the name of Wirblewind FROMAN took it upon himself to guard the docking area of the 4-4 station from unwary carebears and their “phat lewtz”. The day had gone quietly since his arrival in the notorious Forge trade hub, but Wirblewind wasn’t to be deterred. Scanning continuously, he had unwittingly passed on a gank of a Sarum Magnate that was carrying two PLEX. The gank only failed as the target was able to dock before FROMAN’s guns were able to activate.

About an hour later of scanning, Mr. FROMAN was getting bored, however he was not to be deterred, and would have “gone until downtime” if he couldn’t get a good gank. As he was scanning, he came across an Iteron V that had warped in and landed nearly on the docking radius. Upon scanning it’s cargo, he was surprised to find an interesting item in his cargohold. A rarely seen ship, the Guardian Vexor, worth at least 100 Billion Isk (that’s enough to buy himself a titan) sitting prettily in the cargo.  I was sitting in comms, drinking my whisky and listening to the chatter when I suddenly heard Wirblewind pipe up with a long string of expletives. I, among others, inquired to what the source of his irritation was (thinking he might have been ratting in a super-carrier, or some other nonsense and was about to die to some reds), when he paused, took a breath, and posted the following killmail.

No, that estimated value isn’t correct, and yes, the Guardian Vexor didn’t drop. Mr FROMAN was livid, raging about the loot tables and other tinfoil hattery, but at the same time, ecstatic about the fact that he had just one-shotted a tech 1 hauler worth over 70 billion isk.

According to the losing Pilot’s EVE-Who, he has not been playing this game for a number of years.

The moral of this story is, Ganking pays better than carebearing your nights away.

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