PPC Buffs, New Map, and More in MWO

Great article! BTW, I think TAG is a ton, not half a ton.
I'm a huge fan of the new map. It's a lot of fun to actually feel like you're having a battle instead of two sides running into each other and then shooting.
Ah! you are totally correct. I must have been thinking it was an even trade with a small laser. Thanks for the catch.
After playing about 40 matches since the patch, I only played Alpine once. And I was in a brawl-fit Stalker. Suffice it to say, I have a very negative opinion of that map at the moment. In general, I prefer brawling fits over long range fits, but right now the meta has shifted into a PPC-focus and overall long range advantage. Guess its time to adapt again.That said, we'll all adjust and move on and the game will continue to tweak towards balance, something that PGI has been able to do fairly well at this point.
I still play the Battletech tabletop game. Machine guns have always been a useless last resort weapon only really effective against infantry. They should stay "god awful".
Personally, I approve of the randomness of maps. It penalises people for creating overly specialist builds, and forces one to create a build which can work anywhere. You need a mech which is cool enough for caustic, and either has all-range capabilities or can do a decent turn of speed for Alpine.If you do find yourself in a slow brawler on Alpine Peaks, you could always volunteer for base guard duty...
I still play the BattleTech tabletop game too. I also agree that they are fairly useless as well over there, though at least they can function as point-blank SRMs that didn't generate any heat. There have been some designs in it that were covered in the things (upwards of twelve), and with some optional Solaris VII arena rules, each gun could fire ten times per turn, generating twice as much damage as a PPC per round with no heat, as well as twenty times the amount of unbridled rage from one's opponent waiting for you to finish rolling all your dice.
TAG used to be a half ton. It was increased for balance.

Tuesday, Feburary 19th marked the release of an ambitious patch by PGI, developers of Mechwarrior Online. This patch featured plenty of new content and a slew of balance changes. A full list of changes can be seen here.

The long awaited matchmaking phase three was released. This system added an ELO rating function into the drop game, similar to the way ranked League of Legends players are matched. Theoretically this sort of a system will take people who 'play well' and stratify them away from AFKers, farmers, and beginners. After the patch came, it became quickly apparent that there were issues with phase 3 matchmaking. It created remarkably long queue times for single players, and was rolled back the day after the patch was released. As of this writing the ELO ranking system has just been reintroduced with a dev apology and explanation.

Let's Go Skiing

The newest map, Alpine, is the biggest map yet to be released and really highlights the long range game. This presents a few problems revolving around the fact that map choice is totally random. If you happen to be using a high-heat, long range build and Alpine appears, you'll have the perfect setup. If you get a much smaller map, you'll have to adapt or die. Looking at it from the other perspective, imagine how some popular 'mech builds that rely on short-range missile boating will perform on Alpine's tremendous slopes. Some speculate that it was designed to reward fast-moving medium 'mechs over the big heavy hitting assault class 'mechs, but PGI has so far refused to comment.

Players have a few other oft-mentioned comments on the map: Alpine rarely shows up in the map rotation. Whether that's by design or if the developers are easing it into play with care remains to be seen. Additionally, "The spawns don't seem super balanced at the moment. The high side one seems to have an advantage," said TM.com writer Fil5000. "[The High base has] better sightlines and easier to just hunker down into and defend." Hopefully these issues will be addressed. In any case, Alpine sets a intriguing precedent for future maps.

Weapon Gymnastics

Speaking of long-range weapons, ERPPCs and PPCs have found a new use. Their new EMP effect disables ECM for 4 seconds when an ECM 'mech is hit by a PPC. With heat reductions last patch, EMP this patch, and Alpine's incredible size, we may see many more ERPPCs in use.

This will likely have a few effects on the metagame. The only assault with ECM, the Atlas-DDC, is pretty easy to hit. Expect assault ECM coverage to become considerably more spotty. HUD displays should become a little more reliable now, as well, especially when you consider the buff to the Advanced Sensor Range module. This single change might make anti-Raven Jenner builds more viable, and you may see some six SRM-6 splatcats replaced with streak SRM Catapult pilots trying to make use of the 50m range lock increase. The devs seem to be slowly tweaking ECM strength down since this patch has definitely reduced the power of ECM, at least on paper.

Another 'slow tweak' program named the "Variant Quirk" mechanic is slowly being put into action, including this patch's Centurion buffs. Most Centurions received increased turn speeds, engine sizes, torso twist and arm rotation increases at the cost of acceleration and deceleration rate penalties. The Centurion should become a faster and more versitile platform in general, and the acceleration rate changes should add a feeling of momentum when piloting one.

Rounding out the exciting weapon balance changes is the NARC beacon change and the LB10x/flamer/machinegun critical chance increases. The NARC beacon finally received a much-requested mechanic to differentiate it from the TAG laser. In the past, the TAG laser, at a ton, had a clear advantage on the 3 ton NARC system that required ammunition. Now, NARC beacons will create a 'global lock' that will make an enemy marked 'mech targetable by anyone on your team. As long as the NARC shooter maintains LOS and no pesky ECM interferes, the NARC lock will last until the NARC'd 'mech takes 35 damage.

The critical hit changes to Flamers, LB10xs, and machineguns added in were supposed to make these weapons more competitive, but despite the claim in the patch notes that "due to the rate of fire, the Machine Gun is now a heavy crit seeker and will be VERY effective vs. items on non-armoured locations," the popular verdict seems to be "Machineguns are still godawful." Thanks to Poptartsninja for that summary. The jury is still out on the new improved LB10x autocannon, however.

[Editor's Note: a Word of Lowtax 'Death Race', involving two 8-man teams of unarmoured light 'mechs packed to the limit with ammo, machine guns, and flamers ended with only several casualties over three rounds, and few components/ammunition bins breaking. While they are fun to shoot, it seems these weapons are still set to gather dust. An error regarding the TAG has been corrected.]

Meet the Trebuchet

The latest giant Battlemech joined MWO as well. The 50-ton Trebuchet 'mech entered in the patch with 5 variants, two of which feature jumpjets. This means the Trebuchet is the only jump-capable medium, and already "poptart 2.0s" have been hopping into many games.  The pop2.0 is a Trebuchet-5J with PPCs or ERPPCs, taking advantage of the latest buff to those weapons, along with a full complement of 5 Jumpjets. This thing is way more mobile compared to the traditional Cataphract-3D poptart, but also considerably more fragile. We will be taking a closer look at MWO's latest Medium 'mech in an upcoming article.

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