The Post-HBC Whirlwind: Of TEST, MWM and RDN

The aftermath of the withdrawal of TEST from the HBC continues to shake up the galactic south in both quadrants. While initially TEST kept TRIBE, Raiden, and The Initiative blue, The Initiative was abruptly reset two days ago after an incident on a strategic op. Kremlin-watchers expected a rapid assault on the remains of Mistakes Were Made [o7m8], the alliance formerly led by Sort Dragon, which has a number of active CSAAs in Fountain. However, yesterday Beffah - one of the top three leaders in TEST at the moment - posted the following clarifciation of TEST's stance towards MWM: 

When o7m8s was established in Fountain, it was presented as Sort's personal alt-alliance, cap builders, etc. His project. We weren't using the space, whatever, no big deals. 

Fast forward to this week. Bye, Sort. Eyes turned to our handy-dandy dotlan maps, with circles and arrows everywhere. There was a blight on OUR Fountain, the o7m8s space. After discussion, the space that was originally EXE's was offered back to them (we love you Mo) and the matter of o7m8's CSAAs was addressed. Recon was called in, system scanned. Shadoo had made some commentary publicly about the builders - they needed to negotiate with TEST personally. 

SBUs were staged. TCUs shipped in. iHUBs prepared in the cookers (I'm so sorry Michael Yanai, please forgive me). 

Interesting information was discovered. o7m8s isn't a formal PL ally, but there's more than a few PL alts in there. All the builds are slated to go to PL buyers. Sort had control of the executor corp. The project itself was really run by Kearl, one of PL's IT duders (think Aevum). 

So, since we found out its a bro running it, and even then PL still said they'd not interfere, we thought - wow, that's pretty baller and decided not to coathanger them. I mean, how could we?

As it stands now, o7m8s is still a neutral entity. Don't go shooting their POS. Kearl now has executor corp control. TEST has an alt in said corp. Those corps who have expressed an interest to remain have been sent off to NOFKs management. At some point in the next day or so, a time period of blue-standings will be set so those who don't wish to stay can evac, and our own TEST guys who unexpectedly had offices locked in station can liberate them. Sov in the non-build systems will be transfered to EXE or TEST as the case might be. The builds will be allowed to finish and when the last build ends, the last system will be transferred. 

I know this disappoints many of you who had coathangars ready and waiting for this. Hell, I love shooting POS, it makes me all tingly and things. We've got some great momentum and drive right now, who wants to waste that shooting POS' in our backyard for no gain when we could be shitting all over everything to the east of us? I like to direct your attention to Querious, to Catch, to Stain. Look at all those nerds we reset. Holy shit, we can go three-way brawls now. Go fuck with stratops in talwars and bombers. Go be the annoying pricks I know you all love being. Let's have fun in EVE on our terms, doing what TEST was made to do: let's burn everything around us and give it a two-fingered salute.

Fuck the size of this thing, we're going in.

So it looks like the Mistakes Were Made supercapital yards will remain safe due to their Pandemic Legion affiliation. Yet a further post from BoodaBooda, TEST's leader, raises a red flag regarding the TEST/Raiden relationship:

As an addition, from a diplomatic standpoint - 

Raiden has recently gone through a leadership change of their own (within the last few days). I spoke briefly with them about our relationship, and was caught just a little off guard. Basically, they are not interested in a mutual defense agreement - shooting HBC remnants if they come to us, maybe... but not a defensive pact. We'll continue being blue to them for now, but they may be going off to do something independently, with no concern for what happens to their space. 

We're not looking to reset anyone without talking it out first, I just wanted to let you guys know that Raiden's new direction might take them out of the Orbit of Brodom. 

Regardless, right now we're working on an opportunity to try something TEST has never done (no alliance that I can think of has done this, actually...). And we're keeping an eye out for what I believe is the absolutely guaranteed, imminent invasion of Delve. 

Let's finish boarding up our windows and doors, and if no one's attacked by then - we strike. 

Also this thing is more boring than the last few. Obviously we can't sit around in Delve with nothing to do, but Odyssey is coming later rather than sooner - and I promise I won't make you all sit around doing nothing now that you've all resubbed and gotten a bunch of EVE stiffy's

So: TEST is blue to TRIBE and RDN, but the relationship with RDN's new leadership appears frosty. TEST was blue with The Initiative, but shed that due to Init apparently misbehaving. TEST won't be attacking the Mistakes Were Made CSAAs as they've turned out to be owned by Kearl of Pandemic Legion, but will be bunkering up in Delve, next door to friends-but-maybe-not Raiden. The TEST/Tribe relationship remains strong, but the abrupt reset of Initiative and Boodabooda's comments about Raiden leaving the 'orbit of Broship' makes this post from Triget, the Tribe leader, seem somewhat out of place, even if it is only a few days old:

By now, I'm sure you are all aware of the shake up in the HBC. TEST pulled out of the coalition, reset everyone, but in particular Here Be Dragons. With that, they also dropped the Honeybadger user group from services.

You can read about the reasons behind all this, the chat logs, the responses and the like on many different sites. What I'm addressing here is what we are going to do.

First, I'm declaring the HBC dead. TEST, RDN and TRIBE have pulled out officially, thus that coalition as an organized entity is dead.

Second, we will be resetting TROLL in a week. All other alliances have been or will be contacted to negotiate standings. I know Raiden. and TEST will remain blue and close bros indefinitely. I hope to also offer a hand of friendship in particular to the Initiative, who have been good allies and hold a particularly untenable slice of space.

Third, as it stands, we will hold and defend all the sov we currently hold. Our allies will back us up if needed. Going forward, we will operate within a looser network of friendships instead of a rigid coalition. Its a brave new world and I relish the opportunities that await us.

Update: The Initiative will remain blue indefinitely and we will do whatever we can to help them defend Catch.

Meanwhile, in the galactic southeast, Raiden has withdrawn from the Catch campaign and returned to Querious from HED-GP, announcing a deployment in two weeks time, most likely intended to strike against the CFC. Sort Dragon, official leader of the HBC, seems to be in a power struggle with Phreeze of Insidious Empire to create a post-HBC bloc in the southeast to stand against the Darkness of Despair assaults on Esoteria. 

Confused? That's great, you're on the same page as everyone else! The whole political situation post-Fanfest has become a game of Pick-up Sticks, except the sticks have been coated with both lab-grade LSD and bacon grease.

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