Poking The Bear: Venal Hostilities Underway

After the conquest of Tribute was complete, the CFC went into "peace mode." The major players of the war, including FCs, tower fuelers, and scouts, took a much-needed break. During this time, the fighting and leading of fleets fell to more junior FCs and squad leaders. Deploying to places like Syndicate and Curse, Goons were enjoying some blessedly structure-free PVP, until yesterday.

Black Legion. along with The Retirement Club [401K] have been reinforcing towers in Venal, beginning with Plat and then moving up to Technetium. These towers mostly belong to, and have been defended by, SMA and FCON. The results of the inital fights have been unflattering to the CFC - the junior FCs involved were unprepared for dealing with the organization and tactical flair of BL. Some of the more brutal losses can be seen here.

Yesterday saw two tech moons coming out of reinforced mode. One of these was in Euro prime, yielding 500 CFC members to protect it, resulting in a non-fight. The second tech moon came out late USTZ, the CFC's numbers were terribly small, and the tech moon was yielded. With BL. and 401k dropping towers in UQ9 almost daily, and the loss of this technetium source, the war drums began to beat with this broadcast from Mittani: 

Gentlegoons, the time for war may once again be upon us. While we have enjoyed our holidays, Black Legion has broken off its defense of Solar and slunk home to Venal, where Elo Knight has ganged up with fellow travellers 401K - most notable for containing many ex-BoB corps and Sir Molle - and have begun chewing on CFC towers in the area. These towers might just be the odd plat or tech moon, but we are bored and it is time to overreact badly and with crushing force over the next few weeks, which has absolutely nothing to do with my eternal, seething hatred of anything with an Evolution corp ticker. 

Rydis, Goonswarm's Sky Marshal, had this to say:

i hate to spoil the illusion, but i guess it's time to strap one on and do something about it

BL. and 401k are expected to continue to reinforce towers that are further than one jump from Deklein. Things may intensify as BL. earns the fights they crave.

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