Patchday Market Shenanigans


When checking on skillbook prices for a few major restocking purchases today I noticed something odd. To the uninitiated the above screenshot will look normal, but if you follow skillbook prices you’ll be scratching your head already.

Weren’t NPC Carrier skillbook offers 450 mil last time I checked? They were. At first I thought this was a CCP conspiracy but after starting a little drama the claim that NPC order prices were all reset to BASEPRICE was forwarded by Candy Oshea.

While this explains the number discrepancy, especially considering the addition of the Armor Honeycombing skillbook, it does not explain why CCP would have the market set up in such a way to begin with. This comes back to the idea that anything that hits veterans hits newbies harder, or in this case more accurately anything that hits people who are not in the know for one day every time a patch comes out just means they’re SOL.

I hope nobody bought a Titan skillbook or blueprint today. Somehow I doubt CCP would care about the petition on that one.

So apart from just leaving it at “market wizardry is for the market wizards, and everyone else should know their place”, I have to wonder why CCP doesn’t mention anything about these market resets in the patch notes? Something like,”reset market prices, be aware for a few days” would be nice. When they go so far into minutiae as to give patch notes like “The race labels are now correctly displayed in militia statistics on the German client.” I would think something that effects the market so broadly, even if only for a few days would be patchnote-worthy.

If anyone wants to put in an, “It’s just the way it is, deal with it” go right ahead. I’m still wondering why widely used skillbooks like Multitasking and Cynosural Field Theory are still in such short supply before the price is jacked up. If CCP wants the market to make sense market competition would induce someone to start selling a few more than 12 at a time before the price goes up. If I were Lai Dai, with a station right in Torrinos on the cusp of a major Nullsec link I’d be stocking that place with all the weird skillbooks I could. Then again, if I wanted things to be realistic I'd expect an NPC corp to open shop in Jita selling skillbooks but so far none of the Caldari Educational Institution CEOs seem to have hit upon that particular goldmine.

Perhaps this explains some of the complaints of Tibus Heths leadership.


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