Pandemic Legion now Renting Space!

Pandemic Legion is known across New Eden for their combat prowess and willingness to engage. They are not, however, known for renting space. How is it that a group known for playing king maker in sov wars and farming lowsec plebeians now offers space for rent?

Having spent a year in renter alliances, I was very curious to learn more about the Legion’s new offers. Many nomadic groups are often gifted space or otherwise inherit it, then play king of the castle for a while, get bored, and end up renting it out. The landlord often picks up shop and scampers off to some distant battlefield in search of ~gudfights~, leaving the renters home alone. Pandemic Legion is an odd alliance though; they’re famous for being able to traverse the galaxy in ten minutes time. The managerial and logistical ability required for such a task stands as a testament to the Legion’s ability to manage a vast empire. But why would they start renting space out of the blue?

A Short History

Pandemic Legion hasn’t owned space since 2009. Back then they were allied with the Sons of Tangra alliance and lived in Fountain. Despite having a home to tend, they were famous for being able to drop dreadnoughts in any part of the galaxy. It was common among lesser empires to hear whispers of the Legion’s arrival in the area and immediately have alliance mail flash with high command grounding all capitals.

The last time we held space it didn’t go so well… - Elise Randolph

The Legion’s empire crumbled at the hands of IT Alliance in what was arguably one of the most impressive battles EVE has ever seen. Three Pandemic Legion Titans were felled in the crowning battle of Y-2ANO, alongside dozens of capitals.

Many thought the loss of their space and the slaughter of their capital fleet would cause the Legion to crumble and die. They were wrong; Pandemic Legion reimagined itself and rose from the ashes of Fountain a hardened killing machine.

In the years since their cataclysmic defeat in Fountain, PL has cultivated a reputation as the boogie man of lowsec and has broken the backs of to many null alliances to list.

More Recently

Having stewarded the fledgling Honey Badger Coalition through their foundation war with the –A-led SoCo, the Legion grew bored with their herd of adorable rifter pilots. As any single parent will tell you, sometimes you just need a break, so the Legion moved east to partake in some Euro-on-Russian action. Though they were never formally aligned with N3, how could Shadoo turn down the chance at a threesome with the likes of Mactep and Vince Draken?

The Legion staged out of Uemon in The Forge, placing them within striking range of Black Core Alliance and Ethereal Dawn to the east, Gentlemen’s Agreement to the north/east, and the Solar/N3 fights to the south. This provided the Legion with easy access to multiple sov war fronts: the CFC’s push south in Geminate comprising of Gentlemen’s Agreement and Legion of xXDeathXx, CFC’s FAZOR group in Great Wildlands that moved in to assist Solar with N3, and the DRC/N3 fights in Cache. The Legion also initiated fights with the DRC in Etherium Reach.

They arrived in the hopes of farming the nubile Drone Region Coalition for ~gud fights~, and found quite a few. They told the DRC that any timer they fought over they would be allowed to keep, even if the DRC lost the fight. Unfortunately, not all forces fight with the stamina and skill of the Legion, so after a few aggressive encounters the DRC refused to fight, electing instead for a campaign of boredom. This left the Legion with quite the pair of blueballs, and from blueballs comes bright ideas. 

Bright Ideas

The Legion has been funded almost entirely by moon goo since it learned to harness reactions and moons in Fountain so many years ago. Their empire is spread across nearly the entirety of EVE, managed through a massive series of alts and centralized through an aggressive tax scheme. Though this strategy has worked for nearly half a decade, CCP is whispering about changing the moon mining system. These whispers have fueled internal debate among almost all alliances in EVE and sent many looking for alternative income streams.

For months the idea of renting floated around the Legion's internal forums. They have the fleet power to take and hold space without question, so all they needed to do was develop the renting structure. Farasoloni and Dancul took this upon themselves and developed a strong system that would allow the Legion to rent space to dozens of groups. Their ideas were further polished by the recently joined Theng Hofses and Makalu Zarya, who had been instrumental in –A-‘s renter program before the HBC killed it.

With the fights dried up and the DRC easily manageable, the decision was made to evict them from their space and setup a renter’s paradise. Lines were drawn in the sand, and the Legion’s war machine launched forward, intent on building a new kingdom.

A New Kingdom is Born

The Legion shifted their staging system deeper into the Drone Regions, staging out of B3ZU-H in The Kalevala Expanse. This gave them more operational freedom to engage across the drone regions. To quote a famous man;

We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem of getting to these people and killing them. – Chesty Puller

In two and a half weeks the Drone Regions Coalition dissolved. Ethereal Dawn, Black Core Alliance, Persona Non Gratis, Flame Bridge and Against All Anomolies elected to hand over their remaining space peacefully in exchange for a few days of blue to extract their assets.

Solar Fleet remains, alone, holding large swaths of Perrigen Falls, The Spire and Outer Passage. Relations between the Legion and Solar Fleet are less then cozy, but that is to be expected after the Legion destroyed their coalition.

For The Peasants of Malpais

The Legion’s renter plans are quite comprehensive. They provide a chain of stations to travel through from highsec to Malpaism, which eases the burden of their renters' logistics. The Legion also leverages its impressive logistical capability to manage the Ihubs and Upgrades, freeing their renters from costly freighter escorts.

Malpais offers excellent truesec for the ratters and its wealth of refining stations make it quite attractive to miners as well. The distance from all hostile entities also makes it a much safer place for bears to kill those dangerous red crosses.

The renter agreement does not offer any concrete prices, and when pressured for information the Legion was unwilling to share any details. They did mention, however, that on more then one occasion renters were curious if they could pay their rent via PayPal.

When asked whether the Legion would offer any form of PvP mentorship, they admitted that they felt there would be no demand for such a thing and thus had not discussed it. It is worth noting though that Farasoloni was not opposed to it. Perhaps those who rent from the Legion might find themselves shooting more then little red crosses some day. Who knows?


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I'm an accomplished FC and have been playing for six years, I run FELON, the founding corp of Sadistica Alliance, and head the alliance. I also manage a ~50b isk market to support the alliance and am currently working as a technical writing intern.