Pandemic Legion - King of Low Sec

CCP Eterne announced a competition in the In-Game Events and Gatherings section of the EVE Online Forums. The announcement was made at midnight UMT on May 5, in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the launch of EVE. For 24 hours, starting at downtime that day, all kills in low security space would be tallied. Any final blow by an alliance member would be added to that alliance’s tally. The winning alliance would have their alliance flag flown over the CCP building in Iceland for a month.

A player named Bones Outten posted a simple call out in the thread before the event kicked off. He pointed out that the dev fleet, in effect, nerfed a player-made event (Flight of a Thousand Rifters) that had required considerable planning and preparation.

Word of the CCP-sponsored contest spread quickly. Marlona Sky’s Flight of a Thousand Rifters contest would play a pivotal role, despite the dev fleets, in drawing a considerable crowd to low sec with the chance to kill a super capital. When the super finally self-destructed, the killmail was generated with an NCdot player, Aliventi, listed as dealing both top damage and the final blow. A twenty billion isk boost to NCdot's kill stats in low sec was going to be hard to beat.

Meanwhile, the dev fleet had been out and engaging people, using all types of ships for this purpose.  CCP Fozzie rolled out in two Gnosises, a Tengu, and a Sin. I bring up Fozzie because he played a pivotal role in this contest. You see, the devs were flying with some obscene implant sets in their pods. One of Fozzies’ pods had a full Snake and Aurora set in it. Obviously, the Aurora set (being dev-only items) has no market value, although on the open market its value would be incalculable, considering its huge bonuses to everything.

The Snakes, however, can be calculated. Each of these pods were multi-billion isk jackpots. The Urine Alliance caught on to this early in the contest and began chasing the dev fleet. Meanwhile, alliances like Razor, NCdot, and Pandemic Legion focused on Marlona’s Nyx (and the incredible number of other ships attracted by the super). By day’s end, Urine had final blows on 55 dev killmails, NCdot had a final blow on Marlona’s Nyx, PL had caught a jump freighter together with vast quantities of subcaps, and Marmite had taken out a collection of freighters and jump freighters.

As the event concluded, the killboards showed Urine in first place, followed by NCdot. So, there was a bit of consternation when CCP Eterne announced Pandemic Legion the winner. As the thread erupted in disappointment from the players who thought they had won, it seemed Bones Outten’s post, or other comments like it, had been heard by the devs organizing the event. CCP Eterne explained, several pages in, that CCP ships, mods, and implants were valued at zero as they had been spawned in using “devhax” and thus had no market value. No one was really surprised, but there was some grumbling which was responded to by a fair amount of gloating. When asked for the breakdown on the contest, CCP Fozzie posted the following (broken out by alliance name, number of kills, and isk value):

Pandemic Legion / 1065 / 30,887,875,935
The Marmite Collective / 12 / 16,482,021,476
Shadow Cartel / 380 / 13,389,148,777
YOUR VOTES DON'T COUNT / 261 / 11,529,365,665
Urine Alliance / 323 / 10,342,691,166
PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS / 6 / 10,320,358,717
Negative Ten. / 318 / 9,756,921,528
Legion of xXDEATHXx / 212 / 8,711,165,020
SCUM. / 189 / 8,257,979,096
RvB - RED Federation / 88 / 6,135,190,982
I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth / 219 / 5,980,987,667
RAZOR Alliance / 242 / 5,382,500,523
Suddenly Spaceships. / 6 / 4,968,383,746
Northern Coalition. / 25 / 4,615,503,867
Atrocitas / 115 / 4,145,931,027
Goonswarm Federation / 50 / 3,404,398,456
C0VEN / 89 / 2,980,768,673
Stealth Wear Inc. / 74 / 2,914,648,766
Nulli Legio / 289 / 2,796,675,506
The STAR Alliance / 33 / 2,735,518,256

Further requests were made to show the numbers on devs killed, which Fozzie responded to with a hint of sarcasm:

Urine Alliance / 55 / 0
RvB - RED Federation / 18 / 0
RvB - BLUE Republic / 7 / 0
Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork / 4 / 0
The Retirement Club / 3 / 0
Goonswarm Federation / 6 / 0
Knights of Tomorrow / 3 / 0
Negative Ten. / 2 / 0
K162 / 2 / 0
Stealth Wear Inc. / 5 / 0
Verge of Collapse / 8 / 0
Red Alliance / 2 / 0
Ushra'Khan / 1 / 0
Illusion of Solitude / 2 / 0
RISE of LEGION / 1 / 0
Dominatus Atrum Mortis / 1 / 0
The Fourth District / 1 / 0
White-Lotus / 1 / 0
The Periphery / 2 / 0
Iron Oxide. / 2 / 0

Most members of Urine Alliance took the answers fairly well. Pandemic Legion’s Jeffraider eventually posted the “official” Pandemic Legion response here. It was … pretty smug. The thread petered out shortly after that.

Good job to everyone who participated. Thank you, CCP, for the contest.

Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.