Old Allies Face Off in KZFV-4


After Nulli Secunda moved South into Immensia, both alliance and broader coalition members were hoping to get some payback for the debacle with 'allies' Against All Authorities in Delve. The last few weeks have been immensely (pun intended) boring for all those involved, despite FCs limiting subcap involvement for structure grinds. A number of -A- systems have fallen without the slightest resistance, and many members were losing hope that there would be any significant fights.

Earlier this week, things began to change. An Against All Authorities fleet came right to the Nulli & Co. staging system, CKX-RW, spoiling for a fight and led by Makalu himself. The 100-man Zealot/Legion fleet was met by a Nulli Zealot fleet of similar size, but the Nulli fleet was unable to break the tanks of the Legions, and after losing the main FC at the start, things went downhill. The defence fleet docked back in CKX, hoping to deploy its new Apoc doctrine only to find that almost no one had purchased them. In shame, the Nulli fleet stayed docked while the -A- fleet waited on the undock. The irony wasn't lost on many...


Early warnings went out that the scheduled fight in KZF would be a big one. Used to no-shows by now, it's possible that few members believed anything would actually happen. Nevertheless, a large Rokh doctrine fleet was called for, with NC. bringing a number of Nagas as support. Canaris Roshaak had a respectable number of slowcats ready for deployment to help, knowing they'd be useful if the enemy showed with Zealots/Legions again. Show they did, not only a respectable Zealot fleet with support, but Elo Knight brought a sizeable welpcane fleet (for those that don't know, welpcanes, with their medium neuts, are one of the best counters to slowcats) to join in the fun. Total numbers were roughly 300 -A- & co. vs 200 Nulli & co.

The Rokh fleet was immediately attacked upon jumping into the system, with all FCs primaried and jammed. Oblivious Fool, the main subcap FC, soaked up a respectable 331,000 damage before losing his Vulture, and Totalani took up the reigns, blapping as many Hurricanes as possible. Elo Knight proceeded to warp his welpcanes off grid. Getting word that the 70 man -A- AHAC fleet was on the other side fo the gate, Totalani set up his Rokh fleet to counter them. In a well-timed manoeuvre, Elo Knight warped right on top of the Rokhs as the Zealot fleet jumped into the system. The combined AHAC/Welpcane force was too much for the Rokh fleet and logis were nearly immediately unable to hold reps. There was clearly too much combined alpha/DPS present, and the logi had to spend a lot of time avoiding the Zealots hounding them.

Knowing it was now or never, Canaris (the head capital FC for Nulli) decided to jump into the system. Unfortunately, the cyno ship was unable to get into an ideal position in time, meaning the cyno lit too far away from the action (not ideal with slowcats that have earned their namesake). To make matters worse, at least 5 carriers immediately disconnected upon jumping, and were unable to reconnect. At the same time, a number of -A- T3 ships disconnected. Knowing the battle was all but lost Nulli decided to try and bug out, saving the carriers first. The majority were able to jump out, but those that took too long to reconnect were probed down and killed. A number of Rokhs were lost trying to evac from the system.

Overall, the fight was a clear victory on the -A- & Co. side with over 30 bil in kills. When looking at the Battle Report though, take into account that there are a huge number of hurricane kills missing (the Nulli boards show at least 63 were killed). Nulli and Co., clearly hindered by lower numbers and a number of disconnects, were always going to find this a difficult fight to win. It's certainly gratifying to finally get some decent fights after some rather mind-numbing weeks of structure grind.

Notably, the Welpcane fleets that have been so effective (especially against slowcats) have now been severely nerfed in the Retribution expansion, and it's unlikely we'll be seeing those battlecruisers in the field much anymore. It'll be interesting to see which doctrines will replace them.

Member of Nulli Secunda. Have been playing Eve for close to four years, already hit by bittervet syndrome. I've played a number of games over the years and generally dab in every game that's fun.