Odyssey Announced: Next EVE Expansion

The next Eve expansion, dubbed Odyssey, has been announced for a June 4th release date. Right now we have very little to go on about the expansion, save the following blurbs on the CCP website, summarized below:

  • Discovery Scanner/Exploration Revamp
  • Hisec to Nullsec PvE Rebalance (scope unknown)
  • Little Things, POS Edition
  • More Ship Rebalancing
  • More Live Events

There are precious few specifics on offer for the announcement, which is a shame. What we can see initially looks like an Exploration-based PvE expansion, with more of the continued ship revamps and tweaks that have been happening for the last several expansions in the background. 

I was hoping for something a little more exciting in the initial announcement, but perhaps devblogs coming out will spice it up a little. Exploration certainly does need a revamp, but I'm not sure it's enough of an 'anchor' for an entire expansion.

That said, those of us on the PvP side of the aisle shouldn't necessarily blow off a true PvE expansion, if that's what Odyssey is - Eve's PvE is garbage and desperately needs fixing, so if CCP can actually make Exploration into a viscerally fun process, it's a major step up for a game which has no fun PvE at all.

Ultimately, the biggest question on our readers minds will be what exactly does 'changing the spacescape' with regards to nullsec/hisec mean? Will the risk of nullsec finally be balanced to offer high rewards, or will hisec be given ever-more profit for their safety's sake in a sop to the carebear crowd? 

So, reading the same tea leaves that I am, what do you think the core of Odyssey will be?

Update: CCP Explorer tweeted at me: "@TheMittani "'anchor' for an entire expansion": Think of it more as a theme, Apocrypha-style (but keep in mind it had all dev teams at CCP)."

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