Nulli Secunda (S2N) Alliance Update

a Good place to rat. :JEWS:
Just saying, this was a Nulli Secunda meeting and this move was only for them
And a few other allies like: Echoes of Nowhere, The Kadeshi, Cult of War and Hun Reloaded.
btw its LNAW not ELNA just fyi.
mfw bl isn't relevant enough to garner an alliance update ~article ~ on martinidotcom
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Your comment is misspelled and you should feel misspelled.
Thanks. I've fixed that for Kesper. Having transcribed one of these audio meetings before, I know it's hard sometimes to correctly hear short acronyms.
They have to undock to be relevant.
haha, awesome.
That is an extremely valid point. I clicked on it from an RSS feed so all I saw was the header. I'll ping a guy who'll ping an editor, maybe they can fix it.
You need sov to be relevant
yes the prophecy's PL came up with... -_-. this fucking game
are they really included? I mean really?
"Have to take Perrigen Falls, Spire and a few other regions—all Solar space must be taken.Not billing this as a campaign to totally kill Solar; nobody thinks that is possible."How can they say this with a straight face is beyond me...
Not sure how it got titled like this when it was a Nulli meeting, our bad. Fixed~
It can't be easy to make tedious sov grid sound important or fun.The old 'we should get some fun fights' has been heard by every grunt in every alliance. If you're solar I guess you're hoping the other side just gets bored.
No way the artybaddon thing isn't a troll. Only question is: of whom.
Say that to PL
PL has sov.
Spelt is too svelte to be spelled.
Dont forget the 80b to pl and how he has been kicked from every corp since.
Face saving reservation, in case if they fail to kill SOLAR.
GOOD FIGHTS??? Really.OMG they brought 150 T3 BC's must drop 30 Suppers and 60 Caps. And 13 Titans for a POS? Really.
What they meant is that they don't think it is possible to exterminate SOLAR as an alliance. All their sov can be taken, yes, but will that cause MACTEP to punch the disband button? Probably not.
(facepalm)... we were moving .. you "special" person.. they were online and in system. Bad timing for Razor is all...
Thats how N3 Roll dude you reinforced our new staging pos and you still had more than us in your fleet so we thought we would bring whatever we could so you dont blow our new shiny pos up. You can hardly argue though if this was a CFC pos you would probably be looking at 60 supers 20 titans 100 carriers and 250 Alpha maels
Really? Really? Count the titans and behold the 1337 pvp. thing is that i havent seen solar lose a single ship for our effort, and the only help we get comes from our reds.
I call that a strategic display of power, anyways you have Razor who are 1 of the highest super cap holding CFC alliances. Go ask them to grow some balls and use them
"Cut off your balls and use them" Fixed that for you.
Artybaddons used to be a viable fleet concept. Abbys are horrid on cap and in huge huge numbers like N3 can pull, the alpha from all the 1400s will negate any logi on whatever youre facing. Imagine the alpha mael fleet but with twice as big of a tank.
Let me get this right, if the cfc does that iits called a mindless zerg blob, and when you do it its a strategic display of power?You use your blob like the cfc uses its blob. There is nothing special about throwing hundreads of caps at a bunch if caracals.But we dont care, we will keep picking nc. dreads one at a time by bumping them with ibises if it comes to that.
Wait you took down our shiny new pos before you put you put yours up.

Today the N3 coalition, composed of Nulli Secunda <S2N>, Northern Coalition. <NCDOT> and Nexus Fleet <NEXUS>, held a meeting in which several major changes were announced. The most notable changes included the deployment of a new staging outpost in MTO2-2 in Perrigen Falls, as well as plans to take Solar Fleet renter space in the area while simultaneously seeking good fights with the CFC in the Venal/Pure Blind area. Two new fleet compositions, an artillery-based Abaddon fleet and a laser Prophecy fleet based on PL's, were also announced.

You can listen to a recording of the meeting here (which starts at time index 2:26) or read the summary below.

  • N3 is moving.
  • Have just dropped a new Gallente outpost at MTO2-2.
  • Not envisioned as a permanent move.
  • More of a change of staging system.
  • Good place to rat.
  • Move is centered around forcing N3 to take the remainder of Solar Citizens (and other renters') space.
  • Also gives content to US TZ in the form of roaming action in Venal and points beyond in the North.
  • It'll be easy to roam, rat and run missions.
  • Industry and BPO guys can leave their stuff in Immensea.
  • Have to take Perrigen Falls, Spire and a few other regions—all Solar space must be taken.
  • Not billing this as a campaign to totally kill Solar; nobody thinks that is possible.
  • Expect that Solar will turtle up and defend as many systems as they can while renters and pet alliances are left to fend for themselves.
  • The only alliances that have done anything are STR8NGE BREW and Rogue.
  • N3 is also looking at setting up to expand their renting space, but not at the cost of ratting space for their own members.
  • The war has stagnated; this move is intended to shake things up.
  • Told leadership that N3 would be moving a few weeks ago, but Solar's pets just rolled up so the move was delayed while N3 did the sovereignty grind.
  • The reason N3 are doing this now is to bring participation numbers back up.
  • Solar will be able to form 200+ fleets in their TZ that N3 will have trouble getting good numbers for, so N3 has to wake everyone back up.
  • "If you're not moving to this new staging system, I don't understand why you're in this alliance".
  • Space will be shared out so not everyone is staging in the same system.
  • Need to increase participation.
  • Need to get good at using large numbers in fleets.
  • They know there won't always be fights. Solar often blueballs.
  • Going to try alternating things with Solar and conflicts with other entities to try and ensure they get some fights and good PVP content.
  • Will make a point of making it clear when a fleet is for shooting structures and when it isn't.
  • Most structure shooting has been done with supers anyway.
  • With this move there will be a few other minor changes—will do a written update.
  • Not much going on in EVE right now.
  • Mostly the Solar-N3 war and nothing else, unless you count CFC and HBC roaming.
  • This war is the content, and they will do their best to increase the amount of things going on to make sure people are having fun.
  • Progodlegend coming on to talk now (12:15).
  • Two new fleet comps, and they're some good ones.
  • One is the same hull.
  • Buy artillery for your Abaddons ("hear me out for a second!").
  • "No, don't bitch! Stop talking at me! Here's the fit! It works!"
  • Need to train MJD 4, Armor Honeycoming 4, Target Spectrum Breaker 4, arty 4, Amarr BS 4.
  • If the arty Abaddons don't work, we put the pulse lasers back on and switch a rig, NBD.
  • Second, cheaper fleet concept, fun in large numbers.
  • Called "Progod invented this fleet".
  • Stolen from PL.
  • Hull is Prophecies with 180k HP and can be thrown at anything.
  • Good chance that they will eventually move to Loki fleet. If they do, expect to see AHACs phased out—no reason to have two low-sig fleets.
  • Rokhs are sticking around.
  • Fleet comps going ahead for now will be Rokhs, arty Abaddons (keep pulse lasers around just in case), Prophecies, AHACs, Gilas, and roaming concepts like Rupters, Talwars.
  • AHACs, Rokhs, Abaddons, Gilas are the priority.
  • Warfare Links: offgrid links—badly needed.
  • Buy T3s for that, they're fully replaceable.
  • Have been having trouble getting logistics in fleet lately. Please get them and fly them before we ask for them.
  • For the MJD fleets, both BS use MJDs. Need lots of dictors and hictors for these fleets.
  • FC group thing: if you're not in the FC group, we'll be purging and reshuffling the FC group and focusing more on small roles in fleets instead of getting us cynos.
  • FC group needs to be focused more on FCing and less on getting us cynos.
  • Titans: for now all titans will be staged in MTO except for one of the 101st titans, one of the GRDE titans, and one of the LNAW titans.
  • Titan pilots, be ready to help out with bridging.
  • Supers and caps will be doing a lot of grinding; this will be fairly casual at first.
  • Will have lots to do.
  • Razor came and put a 150-man fleet in MTO and hit N3 staging tower.
  • Can roam Venal.
  • Can roam Pure Blind and mess with GSF and PL.
  • By this weekend there should be a lot going out.
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