The Null Deal: A Statement from Sovereign 0.0

(Editor's Note: In the history of Eve Online, there has never once been a joint statement agreed upon by the leadership of sovereign nullsec. These entities who have signed this document are historically the most bitter of foes, and between them control more than 90% of conquerable space in the game.)

The Null Deal: A Statement from Sovereign 0.0

We, the undersigned alliance leaders of conquerable nullsec, are deeply concerned by the risk of another Dominion-style expansion making the existing mechanics of sovereignty even worse than they are today. We have put aside our many differences and brutal rivalries to advocate for the following three touchstones of a prospective sovereignty revamp. We hope that announcing the following united proclamation gives game developers at CCP the freedom they need to make the following drastic yet necessary changes.

Occupancy-Based Sovereignty

We believe that ownership of territory should be reflected by alliance occupancy. Players should live in and utilize their space, and player infrastructure and activity should be reflected in an occupancy index. We believe this will significantly shrink the footprints of the current absentee empires, free up large sections of sov 0.0 for smaller entities, and remove the current need for vast coalitions.

NPC 0.0 in Every Sov Region

We believe that regions which contain several unconquerable NPC systems and stations generate platforms for small-scale PVP content and launching points for smaller alliances. We believe that Fountain provides superior gameplay for both sovholders and guerillas than Omist. We wish to see small footprints of NPC 0.0 seeded in every conquerable region which lacks them, from Tenal to Omist.

(This map illustrates the inaccessibility of sov 0.0 from subcapital insurgent forces due to lack of NPC stations)


Increased Player Density

We believe that vast swathes of conquerable nullsec are essentially worthless to our line members and can only support the activity of a handful of players in each system. We would like to see the value of individual systems increased to support a dense ecosystem of players undocked and interacting within single system.

Leadership Signatories

The Mittani (CSM), Goonswarm Federation
Vince Draken, Northern Coalition.
Gorga, Nulli Secunda
Grath Telkin, Pandemic Legion
Lychton Kondur, Brave Collective
SkierX, Test Alliance Please Ignore
Tarkinius, Fidelas Constans
Carneros, The Bastion
Sister Bliss, The Initiative.  
Wibla, Tactical Narcotics Team
The Troika, RAZOR Alliance
Da Winci, Circle-Of-Two 
Mo'Chuisle, Executive Outcomes
Loquitur, Fatal Ascension 
Rina Kondur, I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth 
Basil Vulpine, Get Off My Lawn
Ex River, SpaceMonkey's Alliance 
Ltd SpacePig, The Kadeshi
Sort Dragon (CSM), DARKNESS. 
Capqu, Pasta Syndicate
Securitas Protector, Spaceship Samurai
UAxDeath (CSM), Legion of xXDEATHXx
Lahari, Against ALL Authorities
June Ting, Of Sound Mind
Xeovar Stoner, C0VEN
Ronan Teisdari, Forged of Fire
Azmodeus Valar, Eve University
Jayne Fillon, Spectre Fleet
FallenTitan, Red vs Blue

CSM Signatories: 

Sion Kumitomo
Kesper North 
Major JSilva
Xander Phoena
Mangala Solaris

Opinion Leader Signatories:

Endie, Goonswarm Federation
Manfred Sidious, Pandemic Legion

Lazarus Telraven, Goonswarm Federation
Bobmon, Editor in Chief & CEO, EveNews24

Goonswarm Federation CEO, Space Tyrant. Likes yoga, Alaskan Malamutes, bacon, and delegation.