News From the Warfront: Caldari Still Have Teeth

After a week of mostly smooth sailing for the Gallente, Caldari forces have shown they are not willing to give up without a fight. Rakapas is a nerve center of the Caldari war effort and has been the latest target of the Gallente forces. DnD have declared this a major target, and the Gallente poured their efforts into ousting the Caldari from their home.

With Rakapas nearing 50% contested status, the Gallente were ready to count this as another victory on their path to 100% warzone control. However, a major offensive was started at approximately 0130 EVE time by the Caldari at the DnD POS in Rakapas. Carriers were brought in and DnD escalated by bringing in their Dreadnoughts. The trap was sprung, and soon members of the Caldari militia were joined by Black Legion, which brought a fleet of Lokis and ultimately pushed the POS into reinforce.

Several hours of plexing games followed as Gallente militia regrouped continue pushing for warzone control. Both sides attempted to outmaneuver each other, and shoot down stragglers. The Gallente managed to catch Caldari forces ill-prepared in sniper Cormorants at close range, but it was obvious that the real fight would be over the medium (cruiser and below) complex being ran by QCats. A general militia fleet continued to harass and plex smaller sites in frigates and destroyers.  

A Caldari fleet, largely populated by Happy Endings, assaulted QCats in the medium range backed up by Blackbirds to test the tank and repps of the QCats fleet. A frigate gang warped in and destroyed the Blackbirds, allowing the rest of the to fleet escape, reship into Amarr jammers and return in force.

The Caldari slowly wore down the Gallente forces despite their best efforts. QCats was forced to give the order to bail out leaving the Caldari holding the line, stopping the POS capture clock with less than four minutes to spare.

At present, the DnD POS remains in reinforce. However, Rakapas has fallen to the Gallente, prompting Happy Endings to pull out of the war and seek other pursuits. While I have been assured from members within Happy Endings that Gallente have not heard the last of them, it seems that the counterstrike may have been a last-ditch move to save face before disappearing into nullsec. With the nerve center of the Caldari war effort fallen and forces scattered, the question remains: Will this be enough to galvanize remaining Faction Warfere members into action again?

Due to the large amount of prolonged fighting, individual kill reports are not available at this time. However, is a good representation of the battle at Rakapas.

I have been playing the game *terribly* for right around two years. After a brief time in null, and longer stay in high, I have now entered into Gallente Faction Warfare and somehow landed a job as director of Aideron Robotics. I am still terrible.