New EVE Launcher Broken

CCP released a new EVE Online Launcher today. Oddly, the release was not accompanied by the traditional announcement dev blog. Instead, CCP Phantom released a news item and a forum feedback post. Unfortunately many players missed those, and were instead greeted by the recently upgraded launcher.


This new launcher was first released to the test server about a month ago with the dev blog announcement taking place on the 8th of April.

Unfortunately, despite an eleven page long feedback thread, the launcher was still breaking in some situations as recently as three days ago.


The current crop of errors includes a mass local settings reset and not being able to connect to the server. Though CCP claims you can avoid the settings reset by restarting the launcher before playing the game, they admit that the connection errors are a result of a server side error.



There are several workarounds available to those intrepid enough to try them. However, no single workaround has proven itself to work for more than one or two of our staff.

The first is to simply run the EVE executable itself, ExeFile.exe, commonly located in C:\Program Files (x86)\CCP\EVE\bin. This will bypass the launcher and offer you the new patch from within the client. The second is detailed here.

A third option is detailed here.

We will update this post as more information becomes available.


Update: The launcher appears to be working once more, as of ~21:00 Evetime. 

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