New Elite: Dangerous Details Emerge

Stop posting videos you can't pause please...
looks like crap, to be honest. In what way is this any more promising than Star Citizen?
Post the youtube video like they do on EN24, volume control, pausing, skipping ahead/rewind.Better way to post videos.
I signed up to the KS when it first came out. Really hoping they get it going.
What I've seen here in the videos presented looks better than what I've seen thus far with Star Citizen, so I suppose that part of your argument is a matter of taste. I was always a fan of the Elite franchise and frankly loathed the Wing Commander games by comparison because of their chosen flight model, though that probably matters less these days unless Chris decides that Star Citizen needs to continue its habit of making space combat as close-to-two-dimensional as possible. So my only reason I can offer up is that it's a matter of taste. I, for one, consider this to have a great deal of promise if they can deliver on what they're intending.It should also be noted that EVE Online, the terrible game you've likely spent a great deal of time enjoying (or wishing you didn't suck at) was a direct progeny of Elite by game developers that loved the premise of that game and the sandbox it provided. The early prototypes of EVE Online even had the exact same 3D radar.
Interesting, how many subscribers can keep all these space mmo's up and running tho?Is the market really that big that it will keep all these afloat? and how far are we to saturation.
I knew that radar was familiar. Yes it was ripped straight from the code too. I wondern what the chances are of ccp bringing it back. Meh I think a radar is only useful in a first person context.

The Kickstarter page for Elite: Dangerous took off with a massive day one bump, likely thanks to an interview with the BBC. However, pledges slowed down, as not much other media about the game has surfaced. Father of the open-world space sim David Braben seems to have taken the hint. More information about the game (and indeed, solid assets) has been released to the public since the crowdfunding campaign for Elite: Dangerous began on the 5th of November.

Elite: Dangerous definitely looks a lot rougher around the edges than Star Citizen, despite both games being very early in development. That shortcoming is recognised by Braben's studio Frontier Developments, and the content is no less interesting for the placeholder visuals.

The first video, posted just over a few weeks ago, gives a quick outline of multiplayer mechanics. Some of the details released will sound familiar to Star Citizen fans; Dangerous promises to let gamers select which players (usually friends) they wish to appear in their instances. This is to help players "choose the ruleset of the game they want to play".

Braben expresses some concern about players in high-powered ships griefing, but bounties and NPC police are mentioned as ways to self-balance that sort of behaviour. With the release of EVE's Retribution expansion, I'm sure plenty of gamers have bounties on their mind, if not on their heads.

After those tidbits, Braben's vision diverges quite significantly from Star Citizen. If development goes according to plan, the missions offered in Dangerous will allow for some pretty big changes in the game world. The example given was of a system suffering from famine, allowing players to profit from the disaster, give charitably, or work with a neighbouring NPC power to blockade and eventually annex the system. Wars over player-discovered resources are mentioned, but player-held territory has not been mentioned at this time.

Finally, Tuesday's developer video gives a brief and placeholder-laden look at player roles in the game. Braben says he aims to make all roles from mining to piracy equally viable and profitable. The video has been embedded below, and the other developer diaries can be found through Frontier Development's YouTube channel.

Elite: Dangerous has currently raised over £720,000 in pledges of a £1.25 million goal. Its crowdfunding campaign has 23 days until completion at the time of writing, with a projected release date of early 2014.



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