New DUST 514 Dropsuits May Be on the Horizion

There are currently four classes of dropsuits in DUST 514: Logistics, Scout, Assault and Heavy. Each has its niche on the battlefield with their own strengths and weaknesses. However, it has long been speculated that these four are only the tip of the iceberg. Given the great variety of spaceships found in EVE Online, it is logical that CCP would follow a similar design philosophy when it comes to DUST dropsuits. It now appears that there is some evidence to support that logic.

The diligent code monkeys over at have explored the inky depths of the EVE API data dump and have discovered something interesting. Among the mountains of code, eight new dropsuit types were found. While there are no stats associated with the suits, the descriptions provide a bit of insight as to their purpose. Let's look at them using the existing four classes to categorize them.


Sigma type: “Sigma units are experts in circumventing and disrupting enemy electronics systems. Sigma-class dropsuits utilize an array of analysis and processing subroutines to augment the operator’s skill, significantly increasing the speed at which enemy security protocols can be overridden.”

This one has me a bit excited. I always love being the prick making my adversaries' lives difficult, so this sounds awesome. When I read the description, I had images of weapons being disrupted with some sort of localized EMP. If this suit lets you block the targeting of orbital bombardments, I may have found a new specialty.

Omen type: “Omen specialists are trained to assess battlefield emergencies and act without hesitation. With advanced knowledge of engineering, they work to revive and repair, maintaining combat effectiveness across a broad spectrum of mechanical and biological units. Omen-class dropsuits incorporate additional nanite helixes to more effectively deal with injuries.”

One word: super-medic. I suspect this suit would come with bonuses both to repair rates and to the amount of armor you repair when you revive someone. If CCP wanted to go really crazy, give these suits a weapon slot item or infantry equipment to create an area of effect repping field. That may break things, but I expect these suits will be fairly high-priority targets in any case.


Breach type: “Breach units overwhelm and disrupt enemy defenses with a combination of speed and power. Their mobility allows them to outflank and overwhelm high-threat targets. Breach-class suits are derived from the Scout framework, but utilize a proprietary interface for increased weapon damage and carrying capacity.”

As if scouts weren't enough of a glass cannon already. I'm imagining a group of these Breach types rushing an enemy position, shotguns in hand, and mowing everyone down. Guerilla tactics, anyone?

Spec Ops type: “Spec Ops units perform clandestine work. Trained to move through the battlefield undetected, they utilize suits designed to minimize acoustic and electronic signatures making the wearer virtually invisible. Spec Ops-class suits are ideal for bypassing point defenses or infiltrating key battlefield locations.”

This is what I've always wanted the scout to be. I can see this guy sneaking around equipped with a sniper rifle, taking a shot, and then activating a cloaking device while repositioning. This suit would work great for ninja capping objectives when combined with a bit of training in the hacking skill. 


Shock type: "Shock units hit the enemy hard and fast. Experts in close-quarters combat, they excel at assaulting entrenched positions and breaking up squad formations. The Shock-class dropsuit is designed to maximize survivability. Built upon the base Assault framework, it features enhanced shield output and redundant energy cells for quicker recharging."

This one is for all of you spray and prayers out there. It sounds similar to the Breach type, just tankier. I could see this working great on smaller maps where you can move quickly from objective to objective.

Spectre type: “Spectres are trained to survive. Elite operatives whose work is precise and efficient, Spectres are wetwork specialists with unwavering discipline. The Spectre-class dropsuit uses predictive kinetics to improve reaction speed and enhance muscle output, allowing users to conserve energy and thereby effectively increasing overall stamina.”

Spectres would seem to fill the same role as the Shock type, just over longer distances. I suspect there will be a bonus to weapons accuracy from the description, but we'll have to wait and see.


Titan type: “Titan operatives are stoic and unwavering. Trained to guard critical battlefield locations, they are the ultimate point defense specialists. Titan-class dropsuits push the limits of mobile frame armor technology, increasing protection while still maintaining minimal effective mobility.”

It's as if CCP heard the forums QQing about heavies being OP and then said, "Let's make them even more OP, just for the lulz." I guess CCP likes the taste of tears. Seriously, though, strap into one of these guys and you become a breathing turret. Just hope that you don't have to move.

Atlas type: “Atlas training emphasizes mental toughness and endurance as Atlas specialists are often dispatched to heavy fire zones where they are tasked with drawing enemy fire in support of allied rescue or frontline operations. Atlas-class dropsuits forego the benefits of heavy weapon usage in favor of a more versatile framework.”

This is your meat-shield. These suits sound great for assaulting objectives. The Atlas guys go in first and draw the enemy fire while the squishier and higher damage oriented members of the group bring the pain.

Closing Thoughts

Bear in mind, this doesn’t necessarily mean these suits are definitely added. All it means is that they exist within the game's code. Here’s hoping they are implemented rather than stuck in development purgatory. At the very least, it's good to know that CCP is still thinking up more toys for us to kill each other with.

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