Never Stop Believing - Two Titans Dead in a Day

did not want the titan's any way, xD. good job shadoo.
I was just clearning my bounty... Now I can fright in high sec.,..
The heretic did not bubble the 2nd titan at the pos, the small gang supporting the titan sniped him as he was burning to get tackle (PL support landed between 200-100k from the titan) but provided a warp in for the initial hictor point. He was a hero however
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
Holy Jesus Batman! Whadda friday.... Moar plz.
Derp-a-Titan Day, hahaha!
Always bet on stupid.

In the United States, December 7th is known as Pearl Harbor Day - a commemoration of the day that Japan pulled the US into World War II. However, it is apparently (in the universe of EVE Online) also known as 'International Derp-a-Titan Day'. Friday saw three Titans downed, two of them brought about by the same FC: Farasoloni of Pandemic Legion. His catch phrase seems to be rather apt for the moment: "Never stop believing."

Titan 1: -A- Boys Can't Jump



It seems that PL had been watching -A- for some time in Doril, and that Zbandito wasn't very good at looking out for hostiles.

Farasoloni > We had been watching a AAA welpcane fleet sitting on a titan for a while
Farasoloni > Suddenly the titan disappeared, leaving the fleet behind
Farasoloni > It looks like he accidentally jumped.
Farasoloni > The fleet then left system

A while later, the fleet returned and waited inside the POS.

Farasoloni > We assumed that once the fighting was done, that the titan would return
Farasoloni > So we set up cloaked HIC's and Cyno alts around the POS
Farasoloni > We watched as he was stupidly moving his falcon alt around the POS at 200km
Farasoloni > So we were pretty certain that he would jump back
Farasoloni > His falcon alt lit a cyno 250km off the POS, and he jumped to it
Farasoloni > We warped our HIC's and Cyno alts to the Cyno and bubbled him
Farasoloni > Then called in Reinforcements.

As Eve has taught us from the beginning, it's usually the most stupid who lose expensive toys. As the next loss shows, stupidity is hardly a rare commodity.

Titan 2: ROL can't drive-by!

A successful titan drive-by is an art form, an act not compatible with alcohol, personal stupidity, or the presence of hostile Heretics.



A small Raiden. fleet, lead by Kaisur, had been repping a POS in T-8UOF, reinforced by C0VEN the night before. All of a sudden Dohat, an Ex-ROL member, cynoed onto the POS and doomsdayed the carrier of No Ref.

The Avatar was too far away for the Raiden. fleet's hictors to bubble before warping to his safe POS at 0km. That mistake proved to be deadly, as he bounced directly off the control tower itself and out of the POS, where he was bubbled by a hero Heretic piloted by Ziva Svinja.

The PL. fleet was still active after the first titan kill and was called in to help finish off the tackled Avatar.

Of special note are the contents of Dohat's SMA. In addition to his titan, he lost a supercarrier or so worth of ships, including five expensively fit Machariels and a pair of Tengus.


 Titan 1 Loss (No Sound)


Titan 2 (Sound)


Credit for both videos goes to Sala Cameron of Pandemic Legion.

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