NCDOT Resets Ev0ke Over Vale Sale Plans

In response to the earlier leak of Ev0ke's declaration of intent to abandon Vale of the Silent and sell their space to the CFC, NCdot leader Vince Draken announced the reset of Ev0ke and their "feeder" alliance, Ew0ks.  The text of his jabber broadcast is reprinted below:

The wonderful world of Eve Online, some friends of ours a little over 12 months ago like ourselves cut a deal with the CFC... 


Since then our home was attacked and tech moons taken.

During this time our brothers were not to be seen they were showering in rich Technetium, while removing there very "CORE" of there alliance and my friends Chronos and Raist, since then the alliance has proceeded to go down hill with no clear leadership just headless chickens trying to fill a pretty BIG hole.

The same chickens then decided a few days ago to hold a "secreet" meeting at which point it was decided they would jump into bed once again with CFC.

A friend of the CFC isnt a friend of mine

my german friends good luck with your new adventures i hope you find what ever it is your looking for so long o7

EVOKE and EWOKS are now OPEN season to all NC. pilots, Everyone else will get direction from your own leadership very shortly.

Thank you

This means that the only alliances remaining in the so-called "DOTBros" coalition are NCdot and Nulli Secunda; the CFC now has a virtually unimpeded path to the conquest of Vale of the Silent. NCdot forces remain engaged on the Geminate front against SOLAR, and while Ev0ke has not been terribly active there, the possibility remains that the reset of Ev0ke could result in NCdot having trouble holding up that front as well.

As for the CFC's progress, 16 systems are currently in reinforced mode in Vale and the CFC is fielding multiple supercapital fleets every day in order to burn through the region as quickly as possible. The diplomatic victory in Ev0ke's pocket will hasten the coalition's progress even further.

Kesper North is a humble line member in GoonSwarm Federation. His passions in EVE are nullsec politics and solo PVP. He gladly accepts donations of Orthruses. Twitter: @KesperNorth