NCdot Alliance Update

(Editor's Note: As usual with alliance updates, they are intended for an internal audience and are not objective, but if you needed this disclaimer and/or were offended by it, there's something wrong with you.)


We find our selves in a very strange position, one where the FOEs dictator, The Mittani, recently within the last day or so released his always very interesting but geek like read ~War Update~

He goes on to try and discredit our own FCs and pass all the credit to an allied FC! I suppose i could make a similar claim here today: Without the 15 to 20 alliances propping up Goonswarm's military they would in fact be non-existent. Their competence as an alliance is far less than say Razor or maybe even FCON, which as you may have noticed are the ones that actually bring what we call "numbers" to the fleets of the CFC, not Goonswarm.

Anyway enough of that bullshit, it's not how we do things here!


At the beginning of this war they started with our Venal holdings and then swapped over to our tech within range of QPO, most of which you already know, and then pushed their way through the 'renter pocket' claiming some sov and tech along the way. They then took the first milestone of their campaign in my opinion, UMI.

After taking UMI, they continued their push south west of UMI and continued to take more tech and sov within range of UMI up to as far as H-W.

This map will show you what the CFC coalition has taken over that past 8-9 weeks; this doesn't obviously include tech moons just sov.


After our FOE took the UMI system it was clear from a strategic point of view that H-W, the "core" system of Tribute, was no longer worth using as a staging point for reasons such as:

1) Direct titan bridge range from UMI
2) People who drive spaceships pissed or stoned (Vamps) may do dumb shit
3) CFC's ability to bridge into system before we have undocked so they could achieve their strategic objectives unchallenged

So we looked at a few choices:-
1) Low sec
2) NPC Pureblind or NPC Venal
3) Drop back to Vale
4) Fuck this shit and go farm someone else while they grind!

We obviously as SPARTANS chose (3), so we moved to JZV in Vale and then a week or so later to G5ED. Reasons were simple - everyone always just runs away from this group of dudes it makes their heads big they get all fuzzy and warm inside haha. Well it was here we decided fuck this shit, time to power up the AU TZ that we have worked so hard to build over the last two years. 

This was the turning point I don't think anyone expected, both us and the FOE. We have been able to pretty much pause MOST of the sov grinding once we land at a mid-week timer. There has been some blood I think in last week or so, as two stations fell - out of a possible 30 ~Strategic Timers~ (as CFC would call them).

The fights are on-going - we fight when it suits us and only then - rest of the time we allow them to grind the ever so awesome sov system and continue to also defend on another front started by Solar in Geminate.

Some might say we are losing, some might say we are winning, I say we have the perfect situation for the game we play. The hostiles are obviously hurting - from grumbles to their friends on the South of the map, to internally bitching about fleets forming late or not at all, or even FCs making excuses in CFCs ever so "GREAT" AU TZ of how the timers were posted wrong - yet it's all just a front. As we mentioned at the start of this war, our FOE does not only fight their wars ingame but also on public forums, which they of course moderate - is another shining example of blatant moderation, posts are made which maybe sometimes not liked and they are promptly erased from public view and/or posters are banned! Typical one might say of a EVE nerd trying to make the big time. o7

So again my brothers we will stick at this "Meatgrinder" - the damage control term that our FOE uses in a war when they are not performing as great as the EVE community expected them too. We will not be broken. As we knew from the start when we decisively made the decision to say FUCK OTEC - our space and moons might be taken, however, we are relentless.

The overall conclusion of the Tribute War!

Have a great weekend. o7


Goonswarm Federation CEO, Space Tyrant. Likes yoga, Alaskan Malamutes, bacon, and delegation.