N3 Coalition Update: Marching on Insmother

Cache in february or burst!
Guess supporting cfc and -a- wasn't the best idea in retrospect now hh solar?
>pulse-laser MJD-fit AbaddonsJesus Christ.
Damn, I hope a few Nulli stick around. Brawling with them in HED every day has been fun.
Sounds pretty bad on paper. Curious what they will use the MJD for. GTDO? Are they just leaving their support behind? Id be worried about cap if they are using it to jump INTO someone, especially in Baddons.
Gtfo not gtdo.
Abaddons that cant be bubbled with an instant GTFO option. Clearly a terrible idea...
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Yea buddy, T1 cruiser roams to HED let's go!
after SOLAR the next is CFC
EPIC Gypsy like Ev0kencdot has nice friends trololol
Its a highly situational mod that isn't even a part of our standard abaddon fit, but thats what you get when you have people writing about things without talking to the people behind the fits v0v
Breaking News: Mittani.com is blatantly aligned against S2N as evidenced by their refusal to include pictures of the S2N queen, her holyness, swagyolo, Ke$ha, with the alliance update.
Glad to see gud wars grinding on. :) Always makes me laugh at lowsec/NPC Nullsec crybabies who say that Null is broken with coalitions.
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why is gypsy is banding?
drop blap-dreads/titans, I dare you.
True, but she's not our queen.

Monday evening Gorga, the current executor of Nulli Secunda, released a coalition-wide update for N3 detailing their plans for the coming weeks. The major points have been summarized, while the full text can be found below.

Major points:

  • N3 will be deploying as a coalition to Insmother to renew the war against SOLAR FLEET and its allies. The primary goal for the campaign will be to secure the entire region, as it is currently a very vulnerable front for the new coalition.
  • Red Alliance is attempting to fill in the void that Gypsy Band’s collapse had left, however N3 leadership are looking for a diplomatic solution to RA’s ambition. It should be noted that RA is currently blue to N3.
  • Nulli Secunda has reset The Unthinkables (INK) as a result of INK wanting more roaming PVP opportunities, however relations remain friendly.
  • Along with minor fleet concept changes, N3 will be unleashing a new concept revolving around pulse-laser MJD-fit Abaddons. This is the first coalition level concept to be fitted with MJDs, so their introduction should if nothing else serve as a proving ground for the module.
  • Chimera based slowcat fleets will be phased in alongside the currently used Archon-based slowcats.

Follow Up With Gorga

After the update was released publicly, I sat down with Gorga to clarify a couple points. It should be noted that Pandemic Legion is also deployed to fight SOLAR FLEET, and that PL and N3 will likely be sharing the field for many engagements. When asked about the political situation between N3 and PL, Gorga commented:

“I didn't address it [in the update] because it's only the comically uninformed that believes we are part of the HBC, considering how often we have little spats. Some HBC alliances are running awox campaigns on us, cloak camping, etc.

We have a NIP. They won’t shoot us if we're on the same campaign objectives as them, but that's only logical. We're both rooted in removing SOLAR. If we aren't doing something SOLAR related, of course we'd get shot.”

The glaring question it seemed though, was what happens after Insmother falls? Would N3, continue against SOLAR? Or would the budding coalition turn its eyes against a new foe? Gorga assured that N3 would conquer “Cache at minimum.”

Although this leaves the remainder of SOLAR's space in limbo, assaulting SOLAR should be a very good opportunity for N3 to either flounder, or prove itself as a superpower in New Eden.

As promised, the full text of the update follows:


New Year, New Focused Campaign

Time for us to kick things off for the new year with a new focus for our alliance and our coalition partners. We've got an upcoming deployment that will kick off Friday, 11 January. We will be staging in I-1QKL. We will be bringing all of our standard fleet concepts with us.

We kick off this campaign on the heels of some enormous diplomatic wrangling amongst the larger powers that exist in various sub groups and coalitions throughout our south/eastern area. As some of you may have noticed, we have reset INK due to what can only be called "Elite PVP Syndrome." Our (still) friends in INK do not want to blue up the entire coalition, but only hold a couple of our alliances blue. This causes problems with renters, allies, and neutrals on jump bridges and can't really be tolerated, so we either have to be all blue or no blue. INK doesn't want to blue up from the entirety of Wicked Creek to Omist (4 regions and 8 different alliances) so they will be blue with none. This isn't something to worry about as they're not the type of people to go camp in our systems or our renters, and that's not something we will do to them either. They have made the decision to remain relevant in only their small area and with the neighbors they have, and that's okay by me and I don't think that we should have to worry about them. In the case of any of us coming under threat, obviously, they would still be inclined to help us.

This, however, isn't the only thing that has been going on recently. Gypsy Band is disbanding. They’ll be merging some of their stuff into RA, others may be joining the wulfpax RUS RUS )) alliance in Stain. This leaves a power vacuum in the region which we must fill. RA is attempting to gain as much of a foothold into the area as possible, laying claim to Cache, Insmother, Scalding Pass, and Wicked Creek. Not exactly sure why RA wants to hold as much space as they do, but we’re looking into diplomatic solutions to control the amount of real estate owned by RA. RA is not part of our coalition, they’re not part of anyone’s coalition really, so they are attempting to leverage their position to the detriment of everyone else involved.

We undertake this campaign because quite frankly, we can't afford to leave this war half finished. We need to step up the pace, place ourselves on the borders of our space and dive into SOLAR FLEET and applicable allies space wholeheartedly. With the escalation of this campaign we will see action in all timezones, AU, EU, US, including fighting in the Chinese Timezone. Rest assured, we will see some good PVP.

This fight is important to us because of the large presence SOLAR can be on a border that we dont work towards securing. Their foothold there is a very potent area for them to strike at us and when they have momentum they are an extremely strong group. They will put up a hell of a fight to hold onto what remains of their space.

Our goals for this portion of the campaign are simple:
-Eliminate SOLAR FLEET presence in Insmother.
-Put major pressure on SOLAR FLEET allies.
-Gain more experience working together as a group.

So what can you do to help? Help your corpmates, alliancemates and buddies from the coalition get moved into our staging system. Form carrier move chains. They’re easy. Make an effort to help everyone move all of the ships and items they need moved. You can also make sure you’re logging in and checking the S2N forum for formup information. It’s easily accessible on the top of the page.

Updates to Finances, Coalition Renters

Our coalition wallet is healthy, we're making a good penny off of the various programs we have running now. Our coalition has been doing quite well financially, and we will continue to improve. Our income growth is very rapid and we are filling out rental space quickly.

We’re moving forward with our coalition renter scheme. This scheme has helped us improve our renter totals quickly and with very high effectiveness. There are a few individuals from almost every coalition alliance involved. We’re looking to continue to run things this way because as it stands now, our program is only going to get more effective.

I plan on publishing some general wallet and accounting data to the public as soon as we’re finished developing an easy to digest and use way to display this information that is both functional and informational.

Ship Concept Changes, More to come!

We've recently added in an Abaddon fleet concept. Make sure you purchase these ships and get them fit out appropriately. They will be seeing a lot of use. They are a strong Armor BS that we will be using for our MJD capabilities, as well as a few other various things. They are also supported by Armor Triage, vice Shield, which we seem to get in a larger amount.

We're looking to implement the Chimera based Shield Slowcat fleet (as an addition, not a replacement). We're going to offer a bonus for this fleet concept and those that show up in the appropriately fit Chimera. Every Chimera pilot will be eligible for a 1 time refund of the Caldari Carrier skillbook cost. We will determine who is eligible for this refund based on fleet attendance. We don't have a set timeline for that implementation, but we do still plan on doing it, stay tuned for that.

We're also looking to get a few more upgrades (not replacements) to our other existing fleet concepts (like AHACs). Stand by for more on that. There may be some temporary refits and stuff to hold us over.

So, How Are We Doing As A Coalition?

That is a question I am asked with high frequency. Sadly, I'm not really able to answer it well, yet. S2N and NCdot are well accustomed to working together. On the flip side, though, we should be able to get things working together well via this deployment. The idea is to get set up for working together on a campaign like this, where we focus on getting a target burned down and work on our numbers, getting used to flying together, and all of those fun things.

In conclusion: BE READY FOR THIS DEPLOYMENT! We’re moving forward quickly and installing ourselves in Insmother.

I have been playing EVE since late 2006, with a preference for nullsec warfare. I am currently a member of Nulli Secunda. In real life, I started a career as a pilot in 2007, and many of my articles discuss both flying, and EVE Online.