MWO: Weapon Balance and Hero Mechs

Fuck the Trebuchet, give me the Dervish.
A quick elaboration: The Trebuchet is yet another 50 ton mech. The Dervish is a 55 tonner, and features more missiles than lasers, along with Jump Jets.
Oh really? Because there are many occasions where you can actually see anything past 1200 meters in a map?
Until we know exactly how much heat it generates vs the standard PPC we won't really know how useful it's going to be. If it's still PPC + 50% then you may as well stick with the standard one.
I still want the Marauder to be added.MAD-2R would rock my socks.
I can't blame PGI for steering clear of the Unseen really. Even if they're sure they're clear to use them, Harmony Gold have been massive pricks about hurling law suits around, and defending against them would doubtless drain PGI's cash reserves. If the game's successful and gets a steady stream of income maybe we'll start to see Warhammers and Marauders.
have to say MWO is fun, but when your look at the over all picture of balance, this game fails to this day. i have to ask WTF are these devs doing much less thinking? weapons hmmmmm not hard to see how poorly the balance is there, the heat/damage rates for some of the weapons are just terrible honestly, for example a ER ppc may have nice range and can shut down ecm's for few sec but thats bout it and you put more than one on any mech and your gona have heating issues if you want to add anything else that might do damage, then you got LRM's witch honestly are extremely OP. LRM20, 40 damage plus they lock on no aiming needed, and little heat, compared to 10 damage and massive heat on ERppc, the lrm may need ammo but by the time you have enough heat sinks to make heat manageable you use a lot more weight over all with ERppc's. in general most of the energy weapons are balanced but he ppcs er ppcs , and ERlarge lasers are just badly balanced, no mech yet to this day can get 4 of any of the 3 with out overheating from full cool and damaging them self and only dealing 40 damage? ya its bad balance. and to blunt id say 80% of all the mechs in the game to this day have badly placed hardpoints. overall the heat/damage ratios in this game really are the biggest flaw in the game. if you want a good damage and good heat balance, use as little, if not none of the ER energy weapons/ PPC. high heat means less time able to fire, dropping the DPS down very low. but like i said despite the horrible balance in the weapons, its a fun game, and at least from what Ive seen since its original beta the devs have actually been fixing bugs, tho there are still few random bugs that happen here and there that were there in original beta, but its no where near as bad as some of the other games out there like Tribes Ascend, they ahve had same bugs/ memory leaks in their engine since its first release and its been out what like 1 or 2 years longer? not sure. over all i would give MWO a 6 out of 10 in rating fun but once you really get into it and have played almost every mech variant in the game and have damn near full set of every engine, weapon, equipment, ect at your disposal you can see my where im coming from.ok done ranting, but iknow any of ya out there that have ivest even half the time i have into this game can easily see my point.

Some interesting information about energy weapon balance changes for MWO popped up in a Command Chair forum post by Paul Inouye - let’s have a look at it:

Concerning the Large Laser, ER Large Laser, Large Pulse Laser, PPC and ERPPCs: The Large Laser was pretty much on point where we wanted it in terms of heat generation. A proper scaling has been done to the rest of the mentioned weapons (i.e. they have all been reduced in terms of heat generated). You will see these changes in the next patch on Feb 5th and the exact numbers will be in the patch notes.

  • The PPC/ERPPC vs ECM: this will be going live on Feb 19th.
  • Hitting an ECM enabled Mech with a PPC/ERPPC will disable the ECM functionality for 5 seconds.
  • After 5 seconds, full ECM functionality returns.
  • If an ECM is disabled and the ECM enabled Mech is hit with a PPC/ERPPC again, the 5 second counter resets to 5. It will be possible for a very skilled PPC/ERPPC shooter to disable ECM on a Mech for as long as they can keep chain hitting the ECM Mech.
  • The modules "Sensor Range" and "Advanced Sensor Range" will now affect ECM by increasing the detectable/targetable range of an ECM equipped Mech.
  • "Sensor Range", the first tier, will allow players to detect/target an ECM equipped Mech 15% further away than normal (200m > 230m)
  • "Advanced Sensor Range", the second tier, will allow players to detect/target an ECM equipped Mech 25% further away than normal (200m > 250m)

How this affects gameplay:

  • Normally an ECM equipped Mech can only be detected/targeted between 180m-200m. I.e. there was a 20m buffer where SSRMs/LRMs could lock and fire.
  • With Sensor Range, that buffer is now 180-230m. A total of 50m buffer.
  • With Advanced Sensor Range, that buffer becomes 180-250. A total of 70m buffer.
  • Players will have an additional 50m of space to target and fire guided munitions on ECM enabled Mechs.

This too will be going live on Feb 19th.

So, what does this mean in practical terms? Well, the big energy weapon heat reduction has been in the pipe for a while. The PPC and Large Pulse Laser are currently sitting at 9 points of heat generated, and Garth Erlam has dropped hints on Reddit that the PPC will be going down to 8 (making it just a bit hotter than the Large Laser). It doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume the Large Pulse would get the same heat reduction too, which would certainly make it a lot more viable than it is at present. It’s difficult to speculate on the detail of the ER weapon changes - the tradeoff for ER weapons is range vs heat, and at the moment we don’t really have maps big enough for increased range to be that useful, so ANY extra heat is frankly unnecessary. With the introduction of larger maps like the promised Alpine Peaks though, we may find that the ER weapons see more use.

The introduction of more ways to counter ECM is certainly both welcome and interesting. The PPC being a long-ranged "off switch" is going to severely impact the effectiveness of the Atlas D-DC as an ewar platform, though probably won’t impact on the Raven, Commando and Cicada too much (given the PPC is not ideal for shooting small, fast moving targets). The sensor range module change is also nice, but it may actually increase the effectiveness of the ECM/Streak Raven by giving it an extra 50m in which it can lock and fire Streaks without having to flip its ECM to counter mode.

There was also the announcement of a new Hero Mech, the Awesome "Pretty Baby." We don't have much information other than the hero mech page right now, but from that it's possible to divine that it comes with a 340 engine (probably an XL), meaning it could potentially squeeze a 400 sized engine in there if it adheres to the current max engine size rules. Hardpoint wise, the model resembles an Awesome 8V, but with the addition of what looks like an SRM4 launcher on the arm. Given that it gets a firepower rating of 61 on the chart there, the layout COULD be LRM15, SRM4, PPC, Large Laser and a Medium Laser in the head slot. At a bare minimum, then, we'll be seeing two missile and three energy slots. On an assault chassis that can fit the biggest engine in the game, that could be interesting. If it follows the current pricing model (75 MC per ton), though, then 6000 MC may prove a bit too expensive for many.

Overall, a potentially interesting hero mech. This along with changes that could shift the balance a lot, especially in 8 man play where the ECM usage is still fairly high compared to the four-man-or-less queue. Between these additions, the introduction of the Trebuchet, and the aforementioned Alpine Peaks map, the next month is looking pretty good for MWO players.

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