MWO: May 7th Patch Review

The extra lockon time is a "feature." According to the devs, it allows you to see what part of the mech you destroyed to get the kill.
Once again, PGI brings out a patch that has nothing to make me want to play MWO again. They really need to get their asses into gear and get Community warfare up and running, even in basic format. It's getting closer and closer to nearly a year since the game was released after all!

# It's patch day / patch day / gotta get down on - I'm sorry, what? The patch was two days ago you say? And making jokes based on Rebecca Black's terrible song Friday was never funny at all? I deeply apologise.

Lets talk about Misery then. There's a new hero mech in town, and it's a Stalker with a ballistic slot. Coming in at 6375 MC, it's a hair cheaper than the Heavy Metal. It comes with four medium lasers in the arms, a large laser in the centre torso, an SRM6 in one side torso, and a gauss in the other. Like all the Stalkers, it comes with a 255 rated engine (in this case a standard rather than an XL), and it has a fairly restricted torso twist. At 65 degrees it's marginally better than the other non-3F stalkers, but not so much as you'd notice. Without looking at the fits you can do with this mech, it's - strictly speaking - a much worse value proposition than the Heavy Metal. A relatively small standard engine and no double heat sinks or other upgrades means that you're getting a lot less for your money than you are with the Hero Highlander. You're going to probably spend at least another 1.5m cbills on this thing to get it up and running (double heat sinks being generally a good thing on an energy heavy mech like the stalker), more if you don't have a bigger engine to shove in there. Early indications show that Misery will be a perfectly serviceable laserdrill, but trying to run a lot of large lasers and a gauss is going to get uncomfortably hot. At this point I'm not convinced its worth the cash over a Stalker 5M, but we should probably give it some time to bed in.

The other MC purchasable mech this patch is the champion JR7-F(C). This sports 3 medium lasers, 3 small lasers, double heat sinks, endo steel, ferro fibrous armour, a 300 XL engine and jump jets. It's not actually available to purchase yet, oddly, but, unless they price it significantly higher than the other Jenners, it should be really good value for money. Now that laser host state rewind has been implemented, a laser Jenner is a serious threat to other lights. If you drop a couple of heat sinks, strip the small lasers out and cram another three medium lasers in, you've got a seriously nasty backstabber on your hands. With all those upgrades and the XL engine, you're likely to be getting some serious bang for your buck with this thing. Even without the 5% experience boost this would be a decent buy, so that's just the icing on the cake. It also means that you can elite out your Jenners without having to buy a Jenner K - the K isn't awful or anything, but its a wee bit worse than the other two, so if you're into min-maxing it isn't an option. Best of all, the F(C) has been added to the trial rotation, so you can try before you buy.

Speaking of trial mechs, we have the base models of the Hunchback, Jagermech, and Highlander available for new players to tool around with. The Hunchback 4G and Jagermech S are less than great in their stock forms, and I'll leave it at that. The Highlander 732 is suboptimal, but still pretty fun - overall I'd recommend using it or the Jenner.


This patch's cosmetic changes include the new Bucanneer camo, which apparently has different messages scrawled on it for each mech chassis you can put it on, and you can now change the colours on your hero mechs. I assume this will mean that all SRSS BSNSS players will be changing their Heavy Metals away from being hot pink, which is a mistake. If you're going to drive a 90 ton flying warbot that blasts awful music when you get a kill and you don't want it to be hot pink, I think you have a problem. To counteract the likely reduction in players running pink mechs, I would like to use this space to propose a new consumable to PGI - a 100 MC air or artillery strike that daubs all mechs in the target area a colour of the firer's choosing. There's some more mech statues for your cockpit as well - I'm interested to know if anyone has been buying these, as they're a bit too static for my tastes.

On the fixes front, the friend list size limit has been removed, and various client crashes, locks, and blackscreens have been sorted out. HUD issues are still being worked on, but a tweet from Russ Bullock gives some hope that we'll see these resolved in the next patch. Oddly, the patch seems to have introduced a new HUD curiosity in that targets will remain lockable for a couple of seconds after their death. This is a bit confusing at times, but not necessarily a huge deal.

Next patch should be a big one; it's supposed to have the UAV, potential HUD fixes, the Blackjack (which I think will probably be terrible), the seismic sensor module, and the new Canyon map. We may also see the weapon balance changes talked about in this MWO forums post and on TheMittani. I am twitching in my chair in anticipation for that AC/5 range buff. AC/5 party at my place!

You can find the full patch notes on the official site, where there is also mention that we will hear more details about Community Warfare this month. This seems an opportune time to point you all gently in the direction of the post here on TMC by Pringlescan about how Community Warfare might go.

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