MWO: March 5th Patch Review

HSR was best thing that happened in this patch! At last I am distinguished from those "pro" light pilots that mostly relied on their lagshield instead of using the terrain and misdirection.Also, X5 is sexy as hell, too bad I cant afford to buy it just now.
Man, I really wish that the trial mechs would ever be something besides awful. I'm not attached enough to the MW franchise to feel the desire to grind past terrible trial mechs to get to the actual metagame goodness.

HSR is here, Lag went away (mostly)

PGI launched the first part of their Anti-Lag (or PRO-Fun) system, HSR (host state rewinding), which is supposed to work for users with pings up to 450ms. From my limited personal experience (ranging at ~110ms), I can tell it’s doing a decent job. HSR is receiving a very small mention in the patch notes, but it is really one of the bigger things we’re getting in this update. It has a serious impact on game balance, though it’s too early to determine if any weapons need to be adjusted now that Lasers can finally deal full damage.

Host state rewinding is now implemented for instant fire weapons (i.e. lasers, machine guns, flamers); meaning you should now be able to hit moving targets with these weapons even when experiencing latency up to ~450 ms.

This small update note spells the end of light mechs being virtually immune to direct firing weapons if either the shooter or the target had a latency > 100ms. This change will certainly affect the mech choices of some players and have a direct impact on force compositions and tactics. While it's currently just affecting Lasers, Flamers and Machine Guns the number of light Mechs on the battlefield have already dropped significantly since the patch hit.

Testing Grounds

One of the nicest changes in this patch, the Testing Ground allows us to finally test loadouts without being shot at, or walking around a Map and taking notes. This makes it possible to take the time to paint pretty pictures of the nice scenery which is usually lost when you run Thermal Vision 24/7. PGI also adds 8 dummy Mechs to the maps so you can kill metal babies to your heart’s content. The testing grounds works pretty well for testing things like the new SRM/LRM flight patterns. Although maps can’t be selected yet, PGI did already announce that it will come in a future update. It should also be noted that all Pilot and Mech Efficiencies do not work in the Testing Grounds - this will also get fixed at a later date.

THE X5, yet another Hero Mech, and Cicada quirks

This Hero Mech isn't pay to win: sorry to disappoint folks. It's actually a beefed up (read:easier to hit) Jenner, which lacks the option to fit jump jets. It's a good Mech and definitely not as pay to lose as the Yen-lo-Wang. It's limited to using SRM2s (or Streak-2s) in its missile hardpoints, unless you want to fire your missiles in volleys. A LRM20 would fire in 10 volleys for one press of the trigger; you only get more volleys if you fire through a NARC beacon hardpoint. While it's not spectacular, it comes with a decent loadout and is completely upgraded.


Engine: 330XL
Structure: Endo Steel
Speed: 133.65 kph
Weapon Loadout:
4x Medium Laser (1 in each Arm and Side Torso)
2x SRM2 (1 in each Side Torso)
2t SRM ammo (200 Missiles total)
13 Double Heat Sinks
7,48t of Ferro-Fibrous Armor

If you buy this Hero Mech you do not have to spent a single C-Bill to improve upon the build: the stock loadout is actually quite good. If one doesn't want to spend the MCs to buy an Ilya Muromets, THE X5 is certainly a good cheap alternative. With the Hero Cicada comes an update to the secondary attributes on all Cicada variants, most variants received slight buffs to their Torso twist, while the Cicada 3M received some slight reductions in Turning rate and acceleration.

Mechromancer - THE X5 Cicada (stock)


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