MWO: March 19th Patch Review

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  • A New Mech: Jagermech, the King of all things DAKKA!
  • The Festival
  • Stealth Changes (or what you didn’t dare to ask)
  • New Map: Tourmaline Desert - Colder then Advertised
  • New and Optional Controls
  • The dreaded P2W (or not) Consumables
  • New Camo Pattern and Decorations
  • Buffs, Nerfs and Bug Fixes
  • Random Stuff
  • Forum Reactions


Let’s begin with the King

While the TT versions of the Jagermech (namely the JM6-A/-DD and -S) are remarkably similar, PGI actually did bring us widely different Robots. All Jagermechs come with at least 2 Autocannons and a damn low amount of armor, some light Mechs have higher stock armor ratings than most of the Jagermechs. So once you buy your personal Jager, slap a lot more armor on that poor fellow.

The JM6-DD is the most expensive (it comes with an XL, Ferro-Fibrous Armor and CASE). The meat of this robot are the SIX ballistic hardpoints (3 in each arm), it also has one energy hardpoint in the LT/RT and one AMS hardpoint (LT). It’s certainly a Mech that can employ MGs and some big Autocannons (or Gauss).

Surprisingly the basic Jagermech variant (JM6-S) only comes with 4 ballistic slots (2 in each arm) but gains 1 energy hardpoint per LT/RT (bringing them up to 2 per LT/RT). This variant does not come with any upgrades though, fortunately you can fit an AMS in the LT.

A completely different layout is present on the JM6-A, since it is capable of bringing missiles to the fight. In addition to the expected 1 ballistic hardpoint per arm, each arm allows you to fit 2 launchers of your choosing (yes, 1 ballistic and 2 missile hardpoints per arm). No I didn’t forget about the 1 energy hardpoint in each LT/RT and the AMS in the LT, but they certainly aren’t the selling point of this variant. Please note that the JM6-A has a 20° smaller torso swivel range then the other 2 variants.

The Jagermech also benefits from the new weapon meshes, more on that later though.


The Festival of all things Rocket

It has been a long time since the festival of Artemis allowed us to celebrate the wonderful plumes of LRMs. This time we can celebrate with all firecrackers (Streaks, SRMS and LRMs), due to a new bug that slipped in, they all deal twice as much damage to the Cockpit than before. This has resulted in a definite increase of explosion induced headaches. This also seems to have made the splash damage issue more prevalent resulting in easier kills with all rockets and missiles. So if you wanted to boat some SRMs, LRMs or Streaks do it now! A hotfix is sure to arrive soon and fix these delightful bugs.


Stealth Changes

This update also includes two notable stealth changes. The first is an excellent stealth change involving Flamers. Mechs using Flamers now receive heat faster and apply heat to their targets faster. 

The second stealth change is a fix to MGs, yes they were bugged, but nobody noticed so it didn’t make sense to include them in the patch notes. MGs used to have an 80% chance to generate a crit with a 2x power rating. The change has reduced that chance to 8%. So while MGs were good at destroying internal components before this update, they’ll be a lot less effective now. Maybe they’re back to totally useless again. We’ll keep you updated (or not).


New Map: Tourmaline Desert - Colder then Advertised

From the few looks I could take, Tourmaline is a very interesting map, unique in size, layout and artistic direction. It’s actually the first map which appears to be an alien landscape and would probably not be found on the usual Class M Planet. It certainly has a better vertical layout than Alpine while providing both open and tight areas. However the critical heat value is not what we were promised, Tourmaline Desert has the same heat value as Caustic Valley.


New and Fully Optional Controls

Well it’s not like you’ll be getting a factory installed Autopilot or Aimbot, but you do get more and diverse options to control your big bad stompy robot of war. There is a really nice thread explaining the new control options in the Command Chair Forum. It even has pretty pictures and delightful commentary!

What makes this change really exciting isn't the new controls though; it is PGI's decision to implement them as options rather then forced changes. This is something a lot of games have been lacking lately, so let’s applaud PGI for getting it right.

Another delightful change is that we’re now finally able to change game and control settings mid-match or in the testing grounds.


Consumables - PGI != Communication is Key

PGI created a nice balanced consumable, but the information presented in the patch notes is woefully inadequate and will certainly result in a shitstorm by the uninformed pubbie horde. It boils down to the CeeBee Coolant being identical to the MC one, once you’ve unlocked the Skill “Cool Shot 9 by 9” (which is labeled as module in the Patch notes).

While the weird wording isn’t a big problem unto itself, there will certainly be many pubbies who’ll create their own goddamn thread to complain about the disadvantages of the CeeBee consumable. Expect to see rants about and how PGI sullied and mistreated their precious MW/BT IP as well. 

For those who didn’t get it from the Patch Notes (and are to lazy to read this thread)

There are 3 Coolant Modules; Cool Shot 6 (10k CB), Cool Shot 9 (40k CB) and Cool Shot 18 (15 MC). Each module dissipates 6, 9 or 18 heat during its one second duration as per its name. There are 2 new Pilot Skills which increase the amount of heat dissipated as well. The first Skill, “Cool Boost”, adds 20% to the heat dissipated by all modules. With this skill a Cool Shot 6 dissipates 7.2 heat/second, a 9 will dissipate 10.8 heat/second and an 18 will dissipate 21.6 heat/second. The second and more important Skill, “Cool Shot 9 by 9”, upgrades the Cool Shot 9 module into the Cool Shot 9 by 9 module. This increases it’s base value to 18 (21.6 with “Cool Boost”) making it equal to the Coolshot 18. Both Skills come in at 15k GXP, which is either an incentive to pay MC for MXP to GXP conversions or just grind out more GXP.

Cool Shot 18 (MC) and Cool Shot 9 by 9 (CB) may not be fit to the same mech, though you may fit the Cool Shot 6 in tandem with either the 9 by 9 or the 18. This means that with the right skills the MC module is never superior to the CB modules.

Yes; PGI’s first MC consumable isn’t Pay 2 Win. Not a big surprise after their Command Chair thread about it, though plenty were claiming “The end of the world is nigh upon us.”.

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