Mutiny: 50B ISK Heist Uncovers Bugs in EVE

On the high sea, a captain is in complete command of his ship. He makes the decisions and is a god among men when upon the ocean; however, his command is at the whim of the crew. When the crew get rich, they don’t care what he does. If he starts mistreating them, well, history is littered with mutinies. Even though EVE is set in the future, our space galleons are still at the mercy of our crew. So, as the second major heist in a week, this incident shows that you should treat your crew right or suffer the consequences. This heist also reveals an interesting set of bugs in EVE, which will be explained later on in the article.

The Straw That Broke the Tower's Back

Silver Phantasm had been a member of Project-Mayhem [50AP] for over a year. The corp was a high-sec alt corp of Surely You’re joking <HAHA>, a major wormhole alliance. Silver Phantasm had been AFK this past month due to real-life commitments, but he was pulled into a conversation two weeks ago with his CEO, Nicole Duval:

Silver Phantasm > I'd have to browse logs for an exact date, but about two weeks ago the CEO of the corp asked me when I was going to start using my POS again, as I've been fuelling it but not playing during a heavy school workload.

Silver Phantasm > When I told him it might be a little while still, he responded by saying that if I didn't start using it (no timeframe given), he was going to "claim it for [his] own purposes."

This angered Silver Phantasm to no end. He had been paying for this tower from his own pocket, and the CEO was going to steal it from him because he was doing real-life work. After a year of taking abuse, he finally snapped and decided to take the corporation for everything it was worth.

The 99+ T3 Hulls in Production and Capitals

Assorted BPOs and Capital Components Stolen from the Tower

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