The Most Valuable Starship You've Never Heard of

Almost a week ago on the 17th of March, an Incursion opened up in the Ombil Constellation of Aridia. Aridia is home to many lowsec groups, ranging from Infernal Octopus to Monkey Circus, C0nvicted and Sadistica Alliance. Each group lives in their little sections of the region, but none of them are able to take an incursion on their own. Black Legion was the last group in Aridia capable of killing an incursion mothership and they left for Venal a few days before the incursion spawned.

Nonetheless, Sadistica Alliance and a nomadic Russian group by the name of Section of Liberty began grinding down the Sansha rats at a blistering pace. The incursion reached 8% in the early hours of Friday morning GMT. Dark Shines, a member of The Initiative., an HBC member living in Catch a mere 25 jumps away, perked his ears and took notice.

In an effort to kill the mothership, Sadistica reached out to contacts in the incursion community. A plan to kill the mothership in the next twenty four hours was set in motion. Escort fleets were organised and incursion bears signed up. At 20:00 Friday GMT, well before the scheduled op, Dark Shine’s fleet of 50 Rokhs, 16 Basilisks and 4 Command ships had set course for the Sansha headquarters at Yekh. The Uroborus mothership was destroyed an hour later. The Initiative. fleet looted their kill and headed home, having only lost a single Basilisk.

For their efforts, each member of Dark Shine’s fleet earned 20,000 Concord LP, 90 million ISK and, collectively, two True Sansha Heavy Neutralizers and a Nightmare BPC. Despite earning a combined total of 6.3 billion isk before LP and loot, this is not what the fleet had come forThe Uroborus site in lowsec is known to drop Revenant BPCs.

The Revenant is the only Faction capital ship in the game. It is a bastardized version of the Caldari Wyvern and Gallente Nyx, molded into what most would consider to be a misshapen turd. The Revenant was, for several months, the most desired super capital in the game. This isn't due to its shield or armour tank, both of which are equally terrible. No, the reason people wanted it is because, for just a short while, it had a much greater jump range than other super capitals.

For a time, Nullsec alliances dreamed of out-striking their enemies with the extra reach of a Revenant fleet. There was a mad dash from many alliances, most notably Goonswam Federation, to gather as many of the BPCs as they could when incursions were first implemented. Sadly, CCP saw fit to nerf the Revenant’s one redeeming feature and removed the extra jump range. Overnight the massive mobilizations across EVE ended; the Revenant was no longer worth the effort.

So why did Dark Shine form a 70 man fleet and trek over two dozen jumps each way for a chance at one?


Meet Poltergeysha, he recently sold his Revenant, one of the few ever actually built, for 290,000,000,000 ISK. Yes, Two Hundred and Ninety Billion Isk for a Revenant. Oddly enough, the Revenants positively terrible stats have made it one of the rarest ships in the game, and without a doubt the most valuable.

To give you some sense of scale, the second most expensive ships in the game are Titans, with the Ragnarok holding the title of second place at an average price of 110 billion isk. This means that with a single Revenant BPC you could conceivably purchase two of the most expensive Titans and have enough isk left over to pimp them.

In real money terms, Poltergeysha's Revenant would be worth approximately $9,854 US Dollars.

This is why Dark Shine’s fleet went trekking across the galaxy. This is why he and many others watch lowsec incursions in the hope that someone will do the hard work of summoning the mothership for them. Welcome to lowsec, where even sov empires look in from the outside with baited breath.



Spotlight & Thumbnail Image - =Insane-Randomness (Deviant Art)

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I'm an accomplished FC and have been playing for six years, I run FELON, the founding corp of Sadistica Alliance, and head the alliance. I also manage a ~50b isk market to support the alliance and am currently working as a technical writing intern.