More Cloaky Updates For Retribution 1.1

Like I said, Trebor is high up on the CSM and is in Dirt Nap Squad, the first corp to go full-on blops (they were mentored by the old skool Burn Eden so maybe second) so I suspect he was pushing this. From what I see he may be the next chairman and we will then have Blops Online :D
l33t bombing eh?
Proud prowler pilot. Imagine a mobile covert gas station. Yeah that's the ticket.
You are absolutely terrible if you had any kind of difficulty getting into HED-GP before.
Actually, this was mostly just Fozzie. We did poke him at the summit about why T3s couldn't fit covert cynos, and he wasn't happy with the reason, so he went off and fixed it, because he is awesome.
Love the idea of a T3 covert cyno. Adds a lot more flexibility to an underused mechanic.
I still think DST ships should be able to use a jumpdrive. like a mini jumpfreighterright now that ships is NOT beeing used. giving it a fuelbay and a jump engine would allow it to fit a new "Cool" role and hopefully we se more of thoes ships beeing destroyed with tons of expensive shit in ;-)i love the idea of expensive cloky T3 droping a covop cyno ... A T3 standing still is going to pop pretty fast.can they just give the BLOP a propper covop cloak i would be amazed. (or even better split the BLOP) in two separeate ships one withCovOp cloak, bigger Fuelbay, less weapons, empazise on ewarNormal Cloak, more weapons no ewar bonuses used for the dps for a ambush.overall im positive to the change.
...why would you use a covert cyno if you're baiting with it anyway? It will show as the people you're baiting will be on grid with you


CCP Fozzie has updated his Black Ops post to include changes for cloaking ships and covert cynos.


We have also refactored the methods used to limit older modules to certain ships. Most of the ships changed by this will simply have a more clear description (Can fit module X rather than -99% CPU to module X) 

Sorry, Covert Ops cloaked Avatars, this change means you'll no longer be able to fit a Covert Ops cloaking device to your ship. This is, however, a major change to other ships which are supposed to fit one. The article also does not stipulate that this change only affects Covert Ops or Recon ships. There exists the possibility that this will apply to other ships, such as Command Ships. While those changes might happen, I do not envision CCP changing the post-role CPU requirement for Warfare Link Modules for fear of nerfing or buffing certain Command Ships.

Change the CPU requirements of Covops cloaks to 100 and change the bonus on coverts, recons and blockade runners to "-20% CPU needed for cloaks per level". This means that cloaks will use the same CPU at level 5 (0) but the CPU use at lower levels is less crippling, making the use of these ships at less than level 4-5 more viable.

As this is Eve Online, I felt the best way to demonstrate these changes was with a spreadsheet:

"Making the use of these ships at less than level 4-5 more viable" may be a bit of an understatement here. Currently, the more useful fits required Recon IV or V to even fit, whereas after this change goes in, someone could start flying a Rapier with Recon Ships I (although I don't recommend it.) The changes to the Transport Ship's CPU grid is not as major. Most Transport Ships do not have CPU related fitting issues, but that may change thanks to the next bit.

Open up the use of Covert Cynosural Field Generators on any Strategic Cruiser that has the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem fitted, as well as on Blockade Runners. This means that the availability of covert cynos is consistent and simple. If you can jump through the bridge you can light the cyno.

First, Strategic Cruisers gaining the ability to covert cyno. With the ability to warp through bubbles, adding a covert cyno ability to Strategic Cruisers is a good change, though I am biased! It does allow some vulnerability to the Strat Cruiser while it cynos, but I think it's a safer ship to cyno from overall.

Second, Blockade Runners gaining the ability to covert cyno. This is great, right? In theory, yes, but only the Prowler has the ability to fit both a cloak and covert cyno. The other Blockade Runners have just one high. Will they add an additional highslot for the other ones? That remains to be seen, but hopefully the answer is yes.

One final note from Fozzie.

As a more neutral side effect that is still worth noting: the Combat and Attack Battlecruisers, as well as the Blockade Runners and Deep Space Transports, will now be in separate groups.

This cryptic comment offers some interesting possibilities. One possibility, while remote, is that CCP actually splits the Transport Ship skill at some point in the future. Presumably, we'd get plenty of advance warning if they do this, so don't leap to train Transport Ships just yet.

More interesting is the inclusion of battlecruisers in the comment. This is a post about blackops ships! Their inclusion is likely a result of the "refactoring" Fozzie mentioned at the beginning of the post, which reads like dropping ship classes into special categories or sub-categories if they are meant to have a certain bonus or penalty. As mynnna has discussed, Fozzie has hinted that Tier 3 BCs will be getting looked at. So, this may be a hint at the nature of those changes... perhaps we should expect a tracking penalty or something similar.



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