Meanwhile, in Black Rise

In the three weeks since our last report on the happenings in the Gallente/Caldari Warzone, things have changed somewhat. With the Gallente and Caldari locking horns, both at tier 2, the recent Minmatar push to tier 4 has seen the majority of plex farmer alts switching sides again from the Caldari to Minmatar factions. The switch, coupled with the fact that the Amarr are nearly out of systems to plex in, has seen the Gallente system possession rise back up over 50%.

Caldari Alliance Happy Endings <FONDL> has seen a massive activity drop with a majority of their core members dropping alliance to form the Happy Endings. [F0NDL] Corp that has recently joined Red Alliance <RED>. Ev0ke <EV0KE> continues to bleed members, losing another corp from their ranks, this time the 65 member German Angels. Now down to 5 corps and 473 members, Dotlan graphs show them to be on a steady decline. If they are unable to turn things around, they may not exist in another six months at all. Especially if they continue to anger Ishtar Jesus.

All has not been sunshine and puppies for the Gallente faction however, as a recent drama bomb within Gal Mil's largest alliance, Villore Accords <GMVA> saw 1 corp get booted, 1 leave, and one of their main diplomats, Drakan290, leave to join Red Alliance in null with the new [F0NDL] corp.

While C.L.O.N.E. has solidified their hold on their home system of Esesier and the surrounding area, the EV0KE assault on Eha continues, though with little headway made in the last few weeks. Gallente forces in the area have begun to push back on Okagaiken, EV0KE's basing system.

Meanwhile, after a slight lull in activity, a new and massive offensive has begun against the Gallente fortress system of Nennamaila, lead by The Bloody Ronin Syndicate <RONIN>, and assisted by several other Caldari entities including Templis Dragonaors <CALSF> Caldari State Capturing <PLEX>, new arrival to the scene (former TEST corp) Kaesong Kosmonauts [NORK.] and several other Cal Mil corporations.

Fighting was especially intense over the weekend as Gallente Alliances GMVA and Monkeys with Guns. <BNANA> lead defensive efforts in Nennamaila and counter-offensive efforts in the Caldari staging system of Enaluri next door. Over 400 ships were destroyed on both sides in the period between Saturday and Sunday with little progress made in system capture for any party. Both the CFC and HBC have sent roaming fleets through the area looking for fights as well. Fighting is expected to continue throughout the week, and possibly into the indefinite future until one side is able to push the other out of their staging system.

And that's the war report for this week. If any members of the Caldari or Gallente Militia operating out of the Black Rise area have anything to report, please feel free to send a report via eve-mail to DJ FunkyBacon. This is especially true for the Caldari, as the only source of information we've had from them thus far are stolen alliance and list mails.

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