May Site Update: Six Writers Only

It's May, and we're off to the races once more! The site continues to grow at an alarming rate, and we're beginning to bump against the 300k users/month mark after only being online for nine months.

I'm proud to announce that at the end of April we fired the least amount of staff yet; the core crew of contributors has really found their stride, and proved themselves admirably during Fanfest, where TMC had 7+ pieces of detailed coverage a day. Everyone outdid themselves, and I'm damn proud of the whole crew. 

Previously, we expected to spend May working on the TMC forums project. Instead, due entirely to the helpful influence of our fans, we abruptly found ourselves with a partnership, 2400 people watching Burn Jita II on our channel, and now we're learning our way around streaming much more seriously. If you'd like to help us out, +follow our channel.

The good news is that despite forums being temporarily backburnered by the Twitch excitement, our forums are now in the CSS/design testing stage: they exist, and have the classic TMC look that comes from being designed by a professional frontend dev like Irumani. 

TMC is now gearing up to cover E3; Marc Scaurus and myself have media passes to the show, and several other staff will be there in industry-specific capacities. TMC doesn't spew previews or regurgitate press releases, so our E3 coverage will be much narrower than more generic sites; our job will be to scour the show and find the stuff that our readers actually give a crap about, instead of 'hey look, a new Xbox'. I'm hoping to kick the tires on World of Warships, see Squeenix's DXHR Director's Cut, ask CCP some post-Odyssey questions (the patch drops a week before E3) and awkwardly grind on Higby at a party, embarassing everyone involved. 

Alright, that's May into early June. Let's get down to business: hiring six new writers and a higher grade of streamer. 

Six Writers Wanted

We're very happy with our current staff and due to their talent, we can afford to be much more exclusive about who we bring onto the TMC team. 

For Eve, I would particularly like reporters from TEST, N3, and the Southeast (DoD or ex-HBC, whatever) - we have enough lowsec, faction warfare, wormholes, CFC/PL, and high-minded features writers. We're looking for at most three new Eve staff; you need to bring a unique perspective to our reportage. 

I'd like one more PlanetSide 2 writer, one more Dust writer, and one more LoL writer. Since we're only looking for one staffer more for each of these desks, you need to be an excellent wordsmith. 

We're good on Tanks, Mechs, Books, and Real Space. Our current staff have these subjects on lockdown.

Streamers Wanted: Eve, PS2, High-Level LoL/DotA2

We're learning our way around streaming. TMC has a partnered channel with a rapidly increasing viewership, averaging around ~600 or more concurrent for non-Eve streams and 900+ when some damn fool lets Dabigredboat take the shiny toys out for a spin. This means we are beyond the 'hey guyz wanna stream???' phase, and you need to either have skill, charisma/stage presence, or both.

As a TMC streamer you are allowed to promote your individual stream in front of our audience; a weekly TMC timeslot is a great way to build up your personal following. 

We are particularly interested in Eve PvP streams and PS2/DUST streams, as well as high-level LoL/DotA2 play - we are not interested in low-level MOBA streams anymore.

How To Apply

Writers email with a 800+ word writing sample covering a topic near your zone of coverage - that means news, battle reports, or analysis about the situation with TEST, N3, or the southeast depending on which area you're applying for. Generic 'How I Want To Fix Hisec If I Was A Dev' entries will be immediately binned. If accepted to the staff you will be compensated 125m isk per published piece and expected to contribute at least two pieces a month. 

Streamers email with a link to your existing or youtube account showing example footage of your gameplay and ability to entertain. If you are a high-level Eve or LoL player, include killboard links or your player ranking. 

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