Lowsec Forces, PL Take Out Three FA Nyxes

A bad day for supercaps, a good day for those of us who hate them.

For reasons that are unknown to Fatal Ascension's leadership, a handful of FA supercarriers were attacking an offlined tower in Okkamon, Black Rise lowsec. Caught out without proper support by Drunk n' Disorderly and Lost Obsession and tackled with assistance from Snuff Box, Pandemic Legion cyno'd in and finished off the helpless supercaps, adding another three Nyxes to the 1/2/13 death-list. After killing the FA Nyxes, PL allegedly proceeded to attack the lowsec force as well, but this has not been confirmed.

Grath Telkin was again at the front line from Pandemic Legion, with this to say:


Okkamon local at 210, again i dont know the set up, i just know that we were on the way back from stalking solar when we were told to swap to ghost riders when we docked up, mid to crilier, jump in to Oka right in the middle of a BS/Carrier ball with the 3 nyxes, some lowsec guys doig tackle, shadow cartel. We came in slowcats, ghostriders, and supers, ghost riders in first, points called on supers and carriers, slowcats in next, field stable supers in, nyx 1 down, Karma Killer is nyx 2 who innitiated self destruct


Ghost Riders are a PL doctrine involving Heavy Interdictors ejected from a carrier SMA and piloted while leaving the carrier unmanned.

KBs are just now being synched, initial reports can be found here:


We need not add comment about the lack of wisdom displayed by the FA supercapital pilots, who were not linked up in CFC command channels in any way, and were multiple jumps from any CFC capital staging system. This appears, on its face, to be a rogue op by a handful of pilots gone hilariously wrong.


We have the following evemail from the lowsec pilots responsible for the tackle describing how this kill was set up: 

FA Nyx kills
From: Wey'oun
Sent: 2013.01.02 23:20
To: Grath Telkin,


Intel was reported in the militia chat saying FA had cap fleet w/ supers in Okkamon. We assumed it was just midpointing but decided to take a look anyway. On arriving our scout reported fighters on scan so we took interest. Put a Fleet up and call for both titans, from Drunk 'n' Disorderly and Lost Obsession, in both systems to log on and scrambled HICs and triage. In under 60 seconds we had 7 hics on titan and traige undocked.

Whilst forming up, i convoed Twisted Girl and linked the above screenshot. He asked for 5 mins to midpoint so we waited the longest 5 mins ever hoping the pos wouldnt die b4 PL were ready. BOOM, tower died. But killmails are important right? All of the caps stayed on field not alligned and whored the pos mod kills, that bought us all the time we needed.

Scout warped straight into the nyx's and cynod' both titans bridged and all 3 nyx's were pointed in seconds. I dropped fleet and cyno'd for the PL supercap blob and the rest is history

Little mistake with PL shooting our triage midfight but quickly sorted and our few losses were generously reinbursed by Pl.

Snuffbox and Shadowcartel came in at range and whored the supers like true pros :)

Was awesome 60 second response from DnD / Fate and Very much fun by all (except FA)


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