LoL:You're doing it wrong

There always comes a point in time where we feel our lane is being dominated, be it a Teemo and Vayne combo, or a Solo Ezreal building AP. It seems pointless to attack,  as their spells will slow your champion down, and you will sit back and watch your character die yet another time. Is there anything that can save you? Yes.

Most of the time when I hear players complaining about their lanes being pushed and being killed multiple times, I glance at their build. More of the time these players are buying incorrect items and dying immediately when they go to attack the enemy. Either they’ll be building for the wrong roles, or building for the wrong damage type, which are the WORST two things you can do. Stacking ability power items on an attack damage champion is pretty much shouting “Kill me! Oh please kill me!” to the opposing team.

 “If I just build the in-game recommended build, I will win any battle!” This is a great example of the WRONG mentality to have in a match. Players who think like this have failed to realize that the recommended build focuses on the specialties of the character as a whole, but not to counter specific enemies.

Now to the part that most of you have waited for: How do I counter _______? Let’s fill in the blank with Darius. A large majority of LoL players know Darius as a tanky kill-stealing champion whose pull ability ruins the lives of melee champions and DOT effects tip the early-game scale out of balance.  With his quick refreshing ultimate, and 5 stack bleed effect, Darius has become one of the more hated champions in League.

Although he appears hard to kill in some situations, the simple set of your items can turn the game around entirely. With Darius being a Penetration based attack damage character, the best counter is Armor. Starting with boots like Ninja Tabi while laning against Darius nullifies some of the damage inflicted upon your character and also reduces the effectiveness of his DOT passive.

Of course when I say to build “against” your opponents strengths,  your champion’s role comes into play too. If you play Draft matches, your victory is contingent on roles. Look what the enemy team is selecting to lane with, then choose characters to counter them. For example, if Darius is picked on the other team, and I’m going in his lane, I would pick Malphite, for his great armor and passive shield.

A second champion that many players find hard to counter would be Master Yi, who is also (coincidentally) countered by armor. It seems inevitable to NOT be dived by this character, as his main ability allows him to “teleport” around an area and deal damage accordingly to selected targets, causing him to be one of the most turret-successful diving champions in LoL. His weakness? Thornmail, one of the more sought after items for armor-building champions. With Thornmail’s 30% damage repulsion, he is essentially killing himself.

Don’t get me wrong, when I say build to counter the character you lane against, buy an item that will be detrimental to their effectiveness, but don’t fill all your item slots with items specifically meant to counter ONE champion, as this will leave you either a spectator or a victim in team fights. If you look at the inventory enough, you will find that there are items that can both counter the enemy champ and also benefit your character’s strengths at the same time.

Since we all know that the items a player has does not make him/her any better, we must incorporate playing style and skill. If you are one of those players who trots into a battle and starts attacking, I assure you your success rate will be 0% (unless of course their champion is at low health and they’re stupid enough to sit there in which case you’re lucky.) Or maybe you’re the type to sit behind the turret and wait for them to come to you, in which case have fun with that 0-0-0 score. And then the player who “jungles”, but instead of performing successful ganks, you frighten the enemy players from extending and ruining your chances of boosting your teams gold income. If you play like this: Please uninstall LoL, PLEASE.

No champion is unbeatable (unless fed relentlessly) which is what you must keep in mind when you enter a match. Rather then worry about your K/D, worry about winning. People who say its not about winning or losing obviously play WoW or some other kind of game that gives you cookies after you fail. And being a long-time gamer I assure you those games aren’t worth playing. League does not give you cookies when you lose. Many of these games base their “kindness” off the fact that new players love a helping hand. In League, though, there is but one principle: Don't play like shit.

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