LoL: Preseason 3 Patch Arrives

If anyone is wondering why there isn't more info about the ramifications of all this, well I can't speak for the author, but so much is changing all at once it's going to be at least a week or so before it all starts falling to place
"Increased the amount of passive gold and reduced the amount gained from killing minions."Stuff like this, is why i play Dota 2 instead.
This is inorder to make the live for support champs, and you loose like 1 Gold on a minion kill, it is not alot an I believe you have never played support.
Yeah tbh I haven't even experienced all the changes yet
Head shot.Errorist wins.
Getting away from the hard carry and uber-snowball gameplay of Dota 1 and 2 isn't really a bad thing. It basically just means you have to play well all game instead of doing good in the first 10 minutes and coasting to victory.
I can't understand the first part of what you said. It's taking away gold from last-hitting creep and adding it on passively, so even if you suck, you can still do good. I have played support, although it's not the role I like very much. Who are you to judge what types of heroes that I have played?
Most of the serious hard carrys are difficult to play very well, like Anti-mage or Meepo, they can also be ridiculously powerful, isn't that a bit of a trade off. Yea, Dota has consequences associated with dying and fucking up, that's how it should be.Don't feed the other team and continually harass their carry(s).

Earlier today, the much anticipated Preseason 3 Patch went live on League of Legends. This patch contained massive changes to some core mechanics and introduced many new items. 


  • Increased the amount of passive gold and reduced the amount gained from killing minions.
  • Changes to the jungle to promote a wider variety of jungling champions, increase the difficulty, and scale the rewards better as the game goes on.
  • Too many item removals, additions, and modifications to list in a summary.
  • Increased the base speed of all champions and reduced the speed gained from boots.  Boots can now be given additional special effects for gold.
  • Increased the cooldown on Flash and Ignite. Other Summoner skills were buffed to promote a more diverse skillset.
  • All Mastery Pages have been reset and the Mastery trees have been completely reworked.
  • Percentage Penetration now applies before Flat Penetration; several items and runes have been nerfed accordingly.
  • Skillshots fired from the fog of war will now be visible thanks to a bug fix.

Conspicuous by her absence is Riot’s newest support champion, Nami the Tidecaller. This character's release is highly anticipated, but has been pushed back due to issues and bugs in testing.

Check out the full patch notes and video blog for more detailed information on these changes.


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