LoL: Patch 3.12

they announced heimer will be coming to PBE with the PBE 3.13 patch... so probably in the next 2 weeks you'll get to see his new kit

My oh my what a monstrous patch we have coming. A ton of champions are getting tweaked. Some are getting massive reworks, some are being adjusted based on map types. Phage and Trinity have been tweaked and the trade system in lobbies has been improved. For those curious about Jinx, she’s in the patch but won’t be made available until a later date.

Let’s take a finer look at a number of the changes and see how League of going to come out post-patch.

Champion Tweaks

After being trash-can nerfed for some time due to his extreme power at high levels of play, Olaf has finally been re-balanced and should be seeing a return to League in this patch. I won’t be going over his changes in this article, as he deserves far more than just a simple listing of changes.


Cassiopeia has had her ultimate’s mana cost reduced to 100 at all ranks. Furthermore, she has been hit with the nerf bat in 3v3. Cass has been able to kite too effectively whilst dealing ridiculous amounts of damage. As a result, the movement speed bonus on her Noxious Blast has been cut a bit, and the ratio on her Twin Fang spell was reduced from 55% to 45%.


Katarina’s ult has been re-tuned. The channel time has been increased by a half second, and the flat damage and AD/AP coefficients have been increased. In addition, there is no longer a delay on the damage beginning to flow out when she casts her ult. What these changes result in is a more punishing ult to enemy teams if Katarina gets the entire thing off, and a less devastating loss if she gets interrupted early. Currently it’s possible to completely negate her ult with a quick enough interrupt.


Lucian’s Q hit box has been reduced, but now has something of a leading effect. This change will make Lucian more effective at lower levels but will likely harm his ability to harass, poke, and trade at higher levels because it’s become even easier to dodge. Lucian’s passive also had a bug which slipped through testing that caused the second shot to hit another target if Lucian’s initial shot killed its target. Riot has decided to embrace this bug and make it a feature rather than removing it. I don’t see this change leading to much of anything. Finally, Lucian’s base mana regen has been increased from 6 to 7 mana per 5, and his per level MP5 increase has been increased by .05,  I don’t see this change leading to very much either.


Ryze has had a quality of life buff and his ultimate has been buffed a bit for the early and mid game. His autoattacks have been made more responsive and his movement speed has been slightly increased. This will make it much easier for Ryze to sneak in last hits and play safely in his weak early game. His ultimate now increases his movement speed by 80 at all ranks, further shoring up his weak early game.


Shen’s taunt now only reduces basic attack damage rather than physical damage coming from his taunted enemies.


Death Sentence has had its cooldown increased, but now receives a three second reduction when you successfully land a hook. Good Thresh's will have a field day, bad ones will become worse off. While this would ordinarily be awesome, Thresh’s power at high levels of play makes me feel uneasy about this change. In addition to the hook change, the bonus damage on autoattacks from Thresh’s Flay has been adjusted so it only increases when Thresh completes an autoattack. This is going to tone down Thresh’s lane harass a fair bit, which may make up for the buff.

Map Specific Champion Changes


Kayle has been incredibly strong in 3v3 and Crystal Scar because of the short CD on her ultimate. It’s been increased a fair bit to open up the amount of time when she can be fought against and beaten down.


Lulu’s ultimate has had its CD increased in 3v3 to match the Crystal Scar ultimate nerf.


Tryndamere has had his ultimate's CD increased, and the CD on his Spinning Slash increased for the Twisted Treeline. These changes are awesome as Tryndamere has always been incredibly powerful on the map. With the mobility cut and increased window in which to kill Trynd while his ult’s down, Tryndamere should no longer be so absurdly difficult to deal with.


Wukong’s armor and MR from his passive have been reduced to match the nerfed Crystal Scar version and his ultimate's CD has been increased to match the Crystal Scar version. Not sure why Riot’s nerfing Wukong in 3v3; he’s a solid champion, but I’ve never found him hard to handle in 3s.

Moonflair Spellblade

The Moonflair Spellblade has had its price increased in 3v3 and Crystal Scar, but it also provides its tenacity to melee now. Stealth buff to Diana, this change actually scares me as she’s very powerful in 3v3.

Small Changes

Karthus’s ult now has a timed buff on its victims so they know exactly when it’ll hit.

Nidalee had a bug on her Takedown ability which allowed her to do it at range. This has been fixed.

Teemo’s shrooms are now worth 10 gold when killed instead of 0. (They should be worth 200, to better enable Teemo hunting!)

Yorick’s ghouls are now worth 5 gold, instead of 0. Good change, this should reduce Yorick’s potency as a shut down laner.

Item Changes


Now 100g more expensive, the move speed bonus has been halved for ranged champions (Ergo, nerfing it on ADCs like Corki.)

Trinity Force

Cost increased by 100 to match the Phage change, the move speed bonus on hit has likewise been halved for ranged champions.

Spirit of the Lizard Elder

Bugfix, should now always do proper damage.

Other Changes

Skillshots are now registered more quickly when fired out of brush. This reduces the potency of potential ambushes from brush or through the fog of war by enabling players to actually react to the skillshot rather than getting slammed by a projectile they had no idea was coming.

The trade interface, in simple terms, should no longer bug out randomly and become completely useless. Error messages are now more informative about why trades didn’t go through and state that trades were refused, declined, people were busy, etc. Much needed changes, but the client needs a hell of a lot more.

Oh and the Spin to Win king has received a visual update. He now looks mildly sexier while being absolutely horrible as a champion.

There are other changes in this patch. If you’re curious about exact numbers you can find the full list of changes here.

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