LoL: Oceanic Server Launched

A new server for a dying game, thats a sound business decision.
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I really dislike the use of gimmick posting accounts. If anything it just causes the opposite of your intention. League of Legends is a great game. I wish I had more time to play it.

Oceanic Server

Last week, the League of Legends Oceanic server was launched into beta. Oceanic players looking to get on to the server were allowed free transfers. Those that took up the deal early were rewarded with a 100% XP and IP boost for the duration of the beta, as well as the Ziggs champion and the Pool Party Ziggs skin (to be given out sometime after PAX Australia). This resulted in tears, as some people thought they would  be able to temporarily transfer over to get the free champion and skin without realising they had to pay around $20 US worth of RP to transfer back to their original server.

At the launch last week, the most popular matchmaking queues were made available:

  • Normal Summoner’s Rift 5v5
  • Co-op vs. AI Summoner’s Rift 5v5
  • Custom Games (all maps/modes)

The Oceanic server is for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Guam
  • New Caledonia
  • French Polynesia
  • Fiji
  • Northern Mariana Islands

Currently, efforts to allow transfers from the Garena SEA server are underway, but they were not offered at launch and Riot has said nothing about it.

After switching to the new server, my ping was reduced from 170-180ms (on the North American server) down to 30-40ms, which verifies that the Oceanic server is located in Sydney. There are reports that not all Australians are able to get the same results, with those on the TPG ISP network having problems due to the link between TPG and the new server struggling to deal with the influx of traffic.

Server Maintenance

As of July 9th, the server has also turned on the Ranked queue and store. This has not been without its own dramas, as the ranked queue was shut down 3 hours after starting and multiple players have complained about their divisions changing due to the system being based only on the player's MMR.  There were also issues with the 3.9 patch deployment, which started at 04:00 AEST and was expected to run until 10:00 AEST, but instead ran to 11:20 AEST.

More Problems

At 12:30PM, the Ranked Team and Solo/Duo Ranked queues were disabled due to a bug, with no ETA on the fix. At 3:26PM, an update stated that the bug was being caused by memory allocation which only allowed a certain number of players at the same time to be placed. This resulted in the ranked stats for the day being reset, allowing players to play one more game to be placed. By 6:40PM, the bug was fixed, ranked queues were available, and players were advised to restart their client for the fix to show up.

In addition to the ranked issues, a bug was found with the Tiamat item which allowed players to crash the game for everyone involved in the match. The system counted this match as never played, so it was used to prevent losses from showing on player profiles. This exploit was abused extensively until around Midnight July 11th, when a hotfix was applied to the NA and EU servers. There are, however, reports that the issue has not been fixed on the Oceanic server yet.

Prizes and PAX Australia

In combination with this, there is a comparatively large prize pool of $40,000 AU available to teams participating in the online Season 3 tournament, which started on July 6th and ends July 14th. The 4 teams that perform best will then get to compete against each other at PAX Australia. The first place winner receives $20,000 and an invitation to the Season 3 Wildcard at Gamescon. Second place takes home $10,000, and third and fourth take home $5,000 each.

Those who want to watch can tune in via the Twitch stream, which will be broadcasting all stages live. The event starts at 8pm AEST on July 13th, and continues the following day at 5pm AEST. Presenters will be Julian “Pastrytime” Carr and Chris “PapaSmithy” Smitha, with Stage 3 being run at PAX Australia in Melbourne.

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