LoL: Immunity Wins Oceanic S3 Championship

With the final match of the Oceanic S3 Championship, the deciding fight between the top League teams in Australia has come to a close. Team Immunity has managed a thrilling 2-0 series win over Hot Soggy Decimate (HSD) moving one step closer to international competition and taking home a massive cash prize. The finals have been archived on Twitch.

By taking the $20,000 1st place prize and the chance to compete in Cologne, Germany, Immunity has overcome their defeat at the 2011 WCG, which cut short their journey to the top and delayed their international debut by 2 years. 


The line-up for HSD was:

  • Riolu — Top
  • Blueryao – Jungle
  • Trashboat — Mid
  • Bluenmezero – ADC
  • Cocaine – Support

Immunity rolled with:

  • Swiper – Top
  • Elysia – Jungle
  • Heavenz — Mid
  • Raydere — ADC
  • Rosey — Support


HSD started off in blue for this match. They banned Zac, Jayce and Thresh and picked Vayne, Rumble, Ahri, Udyr and Nami. Immunity banned Zed, Elise and Annie picked Corki, Nasus, Swain, Renekton and Zyra as the line up to win.

First blood went to Immunity with Corki picking up the kill at 1:10 into the game thanks to a fight near the bottom lane brush. The game had started off in Immunity's favour but a hardware failure resulted in the match being remade near the 4:30 minute mark with all the same bans, champions and items.

1st Match Remade

With the same setup as the original match, the game started off with both sides moving into the exact same position in the bottom brush. The encounter played out in almost the same way, but this time Immunity’s Renekton took the kill getting first blood 1:20 into the game.

5 minutes in, Immunity had picked up a second kill and shortly before the 10 minute mark took the 1st Dragon of the match. Several more individual fights happened in the lanes and by 15 minutes, HSD had gotten 3 kills, 17.6K gold, 0 towers and Immunity had moved to 5 kills, 21K gold and 0 towers.

At 20 minutes into the match, HSD moved to 6 kills, 24.5K gold,  and 1 tower, closing the gap slightly as Immunity moved to 7 kills, 29.1K gold and 1 tower. Fights continued to pop up with Immunity extending their lead in all aspects thanks to kills in the bottom lane and a separate team fight to contest the Dragon resulting in HSD nearly getting aced.

By 25 minutes, HSD had 7 kills, 30.3K gold and 2 towers against Immunity’s 14 kills, 41.1K of gold, 7 towers. Immunity also picked up the first Baron at this point while HSD struggled to stop their opponents from moving down the middle lane. HSD was at a disadvantage thanks to the large amounts of auto attack damage Immunity had on hand.

Hitting the 30 minute mark, HSD had not moved from 7 kills, had 34.5K gold, and 2 towers while Immunity had taken out the middle and bottom Inhibitors, moving to 17 kills, 49.3K and 7 towers. 2 minutes later Immunity took the second Baron spawn and pushed down the top lane taking out the last Inhibitor and the Nexus, winning the game at 33:30.

2nd Match

For the 2nd match, things got changed up. HSD choose to ban Vayne, Ezreal, Corki while picking Jayce, Thresh, Nasus, Tristana and Kha Zix to combat Immunity’s bans of Zed, Annie, Zac and champion choices of Elise, Zyra, Graves, Reneketon and Lulu.

First blood went to HSD’s Kha Zix at 4:30 thanks to a gank on Renekton in top lane with an assist by Nasus. At 10 minutes in, HSD had 1 kill, 12.1K gold, 0 towers against Immunity who had picked up 1 kill, 11.4K gold and 0 towers.

Capitalising on taking out HSD’s Thresh, Immunity picked up the first Dragon around the 11 minute mark. By 15 minutes into the match, HSD had moved to 2 kills, 16.9K gold, 1 tower and Immunity had started to pull ahead with 4 kills, 23.1K of gold and 4 towers down.

By 20 minutes, HSD had fallen further behind, failing to add more kills or towers to their tally while Immunity picked up an additional kill. Immunity widened the gold gap to a 7K by both a second Dragon kill and superior farming.

With a team fight at the 21 minute point giving additional kills to Immunity and an Inhibitor tower falling to their auto attacks, they got primed for a second team fight. It happened at 23 minutes and also ended in Immunity's  favour, letting them take out the mid lane Inhibitor after which they rotated to the top lane to take out another tower.

At the 25 minute mark, HSD had 4 kills, 28.6K gold and 1 tower against Immunity’s 11 kills, 40.2K gold and 7 towers. A top fight gave each side 2 kills while Immunity took out Baron at 26 minutes.

With a bottom lane push, Immunity took out HSD’s Thresh, Nasus, the turret, and Inhibitor. They then moved to the middle and top Inhibitors for a tutorial victory taking out the Nexus turrets and Nexus at 29:25 to secure $20,000 and their trip to Cologne, Germany for Gamescon.

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