Live Coverage: The Battle for Caldari Prime

Welcome players of EVE Online and its sister DUST 514. Today, CCP has promised that all hell will break lose in Luminaire with the Battle for Caldari Prime. While we’re not sure exactly what is going to happen when, our crack team of reporters is on the event. This article will be updated throughout the day. If you are going to the event, make sure to insure your ship as no petitions for reimbursement or replacement will be granted by CCP.

There are a few pre-game items already. Firstly, the faction navy in Luminaire has been turned off. Secondly, the population of the system has been capped at 1000 pilots. That number was reached around 1300 EVE time. However, time dilation (TiDi) is off and the system is running smoothly. The shooting has yet to start, though, except for a few suicide ganks. Thirdly, the titan, previously a static object, has been replaced with a CCP actor.

Live Updates

(Editor's note: These appear in reverse chronological order, so the first entry is always the most recent.)

CCP's live feed of the event:

Live video from CCP on

One of our staff, Lioso Cadelanne, is going to be streaming his DUST 514 game play. He reports so far that the merc contracts are pretty standard. That may change at 1700, though.

Live video from lioso_cadelanne on

  • 1845: This will conclude the live coverage of the event. Expect some in depth analysis to be put up some time soon. We've also sent request to CCP for some interviews, so look forward to that as well. Thank you to all who turned to for your coverage and CCP for their assistance.

  • 1839: CCP says the ground battle is still very close, but with the Caldari winning.

  • 1823: "@CCP_Fozzie: @EVEAryth Seems it created a lot of tears, so op success."

  • 1815: Looks like the event in orbit above Caldari Prime is over. There seems to be some mixed feelings on it from the TMDC staff. The ending definitely seems to be upsetting people. The battle in space was only half the event. No news yet on the outcome of the ground battle. Remember the old joke: two Soviet generals meet up in Paris and one asks the other, "So, who won the air war?"

  • 1803: The system cap is gone. Seems like CONCORD came back and lots of people were taken down. Was this a bug or planned?

  • 1800: And there goes the titan.

  • 1754: Only one Caldari Navy Wyvern left on the field. Once the capital reps go down, the titan is not long for space.

  • 1747: A Razor Naga fleet has arrived and is on grid. No idea what their targets are going to be yet.

  • 1742: More people are getting in, but half the GSF fleet is still stuck. TiDi at max with 1555 in system. 43,000 pilots logged it.

  • 1725: 1400 in local. D-Scan parse.

  • 1723: The GSF Fleet is on the gate to Luminaire, but we're stuck on the gate. TiDi is at 13%.

  • 1717: Visera Yanala > CALDARI LOYALISTS - PRIMARY TARGET IS ADMIRAL AUVIER BAUVON - REMOVE HIM FROM THE FIELD. THE SHIIGERU IS STABLE. Seems the Gallente capitals changed their target. The titan is still in armor.

  • 1711: The titan's shields are reported as very low. The GSF rescue fleet is on the way.

  • 1707: Looks like a Wyvern went down. TiDi makes it hard to see what's going on.

  • 1700: 1700 pilots in system. TiDi is at max.

  • 1656: All pilots in Luminaire are flagged as suspect. TiDI is at half.

  • 1652: The shooting has started.

  • 1648: Gallente Capitals on field. Current D-Scan parse.

  • 1646: Caldari Navy capitals on the field. Gallente capitals on D-Scan. GSF declares for the Caldari.

  • 1632: CCP's stream has started. We're going to get that embedded as soon as possible.

  • 1612: Over 38,500 EVE players logged in.  So far the Caldari side is winning on the planet below in DUST 514.

  • 1600: In-game news reports on the destruction of the DED battleship." The Caldari Navy action was met with immediate response by the Directive Enforcement Department, who have declared a state of emergency in Luminaire and announced that a full-scale traffic advisory and global suspect flagging of all pilots in the Luminaire system is imminent."

  • 1557: The parse of D-Scan.

  • 1552: The Caldari Titan just blew up the DED battleship. This might be the precursor to CONCORD leaving the system.

  • 1545: Luminaire is still capped out, with the population just over 1000. Some minor fluff text in local between DED (CONCORD) and the Caldari Navy Admiral Yanala. Mostly DED asking, what's going on? And the Caldari Navy telling DED to mind their own business.

  • 1530: We are back in business.

  • 1505: There are 444 pilots next door in Algogille, most on the Luminaire gate waiting to get in.

  • 1451: What a fine kettle of fish. A crashed computer means that re-entry to Luminaire is nigh impossible. Spamming the jump button. *sighs*

  • 1421: In-game news reports that the Federation Navy has deployed capitals of their own. Currently, they are not in D-Scan range of the titan.

  • 1415: We've gotten confirmation from CCP that the cap is going to be raised at the start of the event.

  • 1409: "Visera Yanala > ALERT - 37th Squadron - First set of orbital strike co-ordinates received - awaiting fire order!" We're trying to find out if that is just some fluff, or if the titan is affecting one of the DUST battles on the planet below. Update: Fluff! No shots were fired, it appears.

  • 1336: 4 CCP actors in Caldri Navy Wyverns arrived in system. It seems they will be acting as heavy reps for the titan.

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