Li3 leaves the HBC, Joins the CFC

On the 18th, it was announced that the Li3 Federation were leaving the HBC for the CFC. This culminates a rather terse relationship between Li3 CEO Jadecougar and TEST leadership. According to the HBC broadcast about this move, they have apparently been offered 15 tech moons, though this fact is disputed by the CFC. While the moon offering may or may not be true, with space being left by the recent removal of C0nvicted from the CFC, this may mean Li3 will end up in Vale of the Silent quite soon.

Hello friends!

I bring news, Li3 Federation has decided to take leave of the HBC and join the CFC in exchange for some sweet sweet Technetium. The assets they own in the south will be peacefully transferred to other alliances.

Standings will be kept for a week - I highly suggest all HBC alliances set them +0.1 to +2.5 (no fleet access). No blacklist is placed on Li3 members or corporations.

I will be doing a State of the Coalition on 3/2.

#### SENT BY Montolio to All online hbc @ 2013-02-17 22:05:25 EVE Time ####


Li3 Federation has allegedly been offered ~15 tech moons~.

If the CFC is currently trying to poach you - measure worth accordingly! I think AIF was about ~12.


#### SENT BY Montolio to All online hbc @ 2013-02-17 22:23:14 EVE Time ####

I reached out to members of the three parties involved for a quote on the situation.
The Mittani, CEO of Goonswarm Federation:

Li3 approached Razor after the fall of Cobalt Edge about a month ago but nothing panned out there, and my diplomats spoke to them after the AIF leadership crisis; Li3 had initially wanted in the CFC when Jadecougar first formed Li3, but we don't accept untested alliances. And no, we haven't offered them 15 Tech moons, that's just sensationalistic propaganda from Montolio trying to stir up bitterness. It doesn't even make sense.

Jadecougar, CEO of Li3:

I'm hesitant to mention anything at this time since the decision is fresh and there's much logistics work to be done. We want to do this as peacefully as possible for all parties involved. Further comment can be given later.

When asked if it was true that they were offered tech moons to move to the CFC, Jadecougar replied: "That is not the reason we are moving to the CFC."

After reaching out to some of the TEST leadership, I managed to get a quote from Lovelocke, an alliance diplomat:

"Jadecougar is a tremendous fucking ****, and good riddance."

All in all, while it doesn’t seem that TEST is too concerned with losing Li3, this likely will add more tension to the HBC/CFC relations.

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