Li3 Alliance Wallet Stolen

In many cultures, Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. For Li3, however, it is Wednesday the 13th of March that will come to mind for the foreseeable future. On that day, an alliance mail was sent by an alt named Bullimen to the whole alliance:

Alliance Infiltration
From: Bullimen
Sent: 2013.03.13 15:35
To: Li3 Federation,

Dear Poor Poor Li3,
I have managed to infiltrate your Alliance and steal all the Alliance’s ISK in three days.
This was so amazing that I have to tell the story so all of eve can see how stupid your alliance leader is.

I applied to Li3’s Electric Cucumbers and Razed n’ Confused a few days ago. I managed to get into Razed (thanks Godo) This gave me access to your teamspeak. I then changed my nick name to Daandrah and one of the server admins gave me server admin rights.

About 2 days later Jadecougar who never logs on finally comes into teamspeak. I am not even surprised to find him in the AFK channel. Without even speaking to him, I poked him asking him to accept my alt (Bullimen as Daandrah’s alt is Bulliman) into the main corp of the alliance. I had made this character only 10 minutes prior to the application. The idiot even gave me full director rights. Didn't even speak to me on the teamspeak.

So now I have all your alliances isk, and you all have absolutely nothing.
p.s After going through the master wallet journal to see what it is the excuse of an alliance spends its isk on I noticed the Jadecouger has been giving himself large amounts of isk (over 1 billion isk a day)


Thanks Jade

A few hours later, JadeCougar, the Li3 CEO, posted a response to the mail on the Li3 forums:

Title: Statement in response to the alliance mail
Post by: [L-PH] Jadecougar on March 13, 2013, 08:25:43 PM
Today we were the victim of our own stupidity and temporary reduction of security. Li3 Federation WAS, indeed, robbed of a little over 21 billion ISK in a quick sweep of good timing and use of good friends' character names to trick those to accept him into corp with whom it was needed to pull this off. The one to blame here is me. Period.

While the person (named Bullimen...a variation of a character owned by our Daandrah) only just created the character, the situation was not unlike other instances in the past were director characters move from one corp to another for a specific reason and we'd poke each other on TS or text in game. The truth, however, is that Li3 are truly now in the big leagues. The big leagues of spies and enemies, which clearly we have.

This little so-called 'insignificant' alliance (as has been stated recently) has been getting a lot of attention. Why? We're an alliance with a clear vision and drive to reach it. We are resilient. We don't failcascade where many others would. We don't implode when others try so hard to make that happen with senseless propaganda.

The irony of this is that we have already recovered from this. +1 for the attempt at drama. The truth is...who gives a fuck!

Li3 moves forward. Further security developments are being implemented already to better protect the assets of this alliance.

If you have any questions, contact me. Otherwise, don't waste your time giving this incident any more thought. That mail was an audacious attempt at continuing propaganda against Li3. To that, I say this:  

(Author's note: The remainder of the mail was missing from the version passed to me)

As of writing this, the identity of the mysterious thief has yet to be ascertained due to the fact that the alt Bullimen has been biomassed. While the amount only came to 21 billion ISK (a measly figure for an alliance-level heist), the fact that Li3 security was breached so easily is a cause for concern.

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