Let's Argue: CSM Season Coverage

Credit for the amazing CSM logo, showing the stages of naive eagerness to rage and final facepalming, goes to Trebor. It's on the official CSM shirts. 

It's CSM season again, with CCP opening up candidacy officially for CSM8. This is the first CSM election which has cropped up since TheMittani.com has been active, so we have a question before us: do our readers, uh, care? 

In the past, CSM election hijinks have been confined to a few niche blogs and the 'Jita Park' subforum on the official forums, which is something between a ghost town and a wasteland except during elections where it turns into a nonstop flamewar. 

We also have to navigate potential accusations of bias; I've made it personally clear that I believe that media is the most effective way to influence CCP rather than the CSM, and won't be running for CSM8. We have several contributors on the site who are, however, running for spots - Mynnna, James 315, and Kesper North, with possibly more to throw their hats in, as well as an actual current CSM member, Alekseyev Karrde, on staff. 

Coverage could range from specific candidate interviews (which I personally think are irrelevant and boring) to more high-level 'horse race' features where we analyze who is likely to win, who has bloc-level backing, and who are comedy candidates. We can also do some systemic analysis of what happened to the CSM during CSM7, a piece on the common delusions/misconceptions players hold about the CSM (how it actually works vs what people fantasize about it being), etc. 

So: Sound off. How much do you want us to cover this, in what level of depth, etc etc. 

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