Latest Caldari Offensive Ends in Seppuku

As the great SalubriousSky said
"I will, we will, need all of you for the marathon of all EVE will not get fed, wives will not get fucked, cars will not be washed, mothers calls will not be answered...that is the commitment we will need if this is to be a complete success."

We will not stop. We will not be stopped. We push on and over dead corpses and ship debris in our march to victory. We fly for our brothers in arms. We fly for our pride and the Alliance. WE FLY FOR THE STATE!!!! WE FLY... FOR NISUWA!!!
-Southern Renegades Pre-War speech, May 3rd.

Another offensive in Black Rise has come and gone, and once again the Caldari have found themselves on the receiving end of a drubbing. As much as the Gallente Militia would love to take credit for another victory, their role in this failure cascade of supreme incompetence was surprisingly minor. Not content to merely shoot themselves in the foot, this invading force seems to have looked down a shotgun barrel at point-blank range and pulled the trigger.

Our story begins shortly after the fall of Enaluri on April 14th. A maximum effort to wrest the Gallente's most heavily defended system, Nennamaila, resulted in a forceful ejection. Still, this close-fought battle gave the Caldari hope for the future. Time was required to lick wounds and prepare for another assault, some shuffling between corps and alliances had to happen, and the new Caldari brotherhood needed to be solidified.

Maintaining secrecy, the Caldari organized for a coordinated assault on two systems at the same time. Southern Renegades would take the lead on a massive assault against Nisuwa, while Templis Dragonaors, State Section 9, Totally Consensual and others would build up forces in Innia for an assault against Eha, the system that forced Ev0ke out of FW when they failed to push the Gallente out.

The three weeks directly following Enaluri were decidedly quiet on the Gallente front. Fights, the professed main motivation of Gal Mil's core members, were scarce, and aside from a Caldari sacking of Heydieles, action was in short supply. Gal Mil alliance Monkeys with Guns. <BNANA> suffered worst during this period as they saw 60 member corporation Nintendo Power leave them for greener pastures in null sec, citing a complete lack of action and opportunities to make money in FW with so few fights to be had. In other houses, activity steadily dropped off to a quiet hum as pilots took some time for R&R outside of FW duties.

Those hums became whispers, and lead to talk as Innia began to see a population bloom during the last few days of April. Gallente Intelligence channels that had been devoid of stolen communications began to chatter with reports of Caldari assets being built up. The rest of Gal Mil was notified, and Justified Chaos began moving assets to Eha in response to the buildup. Caldari peeking into Eha were warned via local that should Eha approach 30%, a crushing response would be levied against Innia.

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