June 2013: Eve’s Reddit Civil War Begins

At 1:00 Eve Time on 14 June 2013, Rina Kondur, alliance executor of the I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth alliance (J4LP), announced that J4LP will be aligning itself with the Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC) for the current Fountain war. This announcement came as a large surprise, and has created an earthquake within the Reddit community; this officially pits the two largest Reddit Eve corporations, Dreddit and Fweddit, against one another.  In terms of size and strength, J4LP’s announcement does not necessarily mean the CFC acquired a major powerhouse alliance.  Instead, J4LP’s announcement marks a symbolic blow to Eve Reddit solidarity; TEST alliance assumed that J4LP would remain loyal (or at least not unfriendly) to TEST due to the Reddit connection. 

Tensions between the two corporations have already skyrocketed; mounds and mounds (and responses to mounds) of war propaganda have already surfaced despite the announcement being incredibly fresh and completely unsuspected.  Dreddit and Fweddit in the past have experienced a healthy flow of members between their corporations. In the past, both corporations have had rather lax recruitment standards, requiring little more than an active Reddit account.  Will this policy remain, or will the iconic recruitment methods of both corporations be changed?

Many Eve players now find themselves confused.  More specifically, the pilots who have characters in both Dreddit and Fweddit are trying to figure out which battle line they should align.  Some Eve players will realistically end up fighting for both sides of the war – enjoying the spoils of war no matter which corporation succeeds.  Will one corporation see a max exodus in the upcoming days? Maybe.  More interestingly, what will happen to the Reddit refugees after this civil war?  Will Redditors immediately flood the victorious corporation, or will they remain in their current corporate homes?  TEST has vowed to fight to the last ship, and promised to remain intact even in the face of losing all sovereignty.  J4LP, on the other hand, currently holds no sovereignty; a loss would more than likely mean J4LP would return to their main port of Egghelende on the edge of the Amarr/Minmatar warzone.  If TEST is victorious, the distribution of Redditors between Dreddit and Fweddit would more than likely remain the same – Eve would basically reflect pre-war conditions.  However, if J4LP is victorious and [somehow] acquires sovereignty, J4LP may experience a burst of membership applications from defeated line members of Dreddit who would not want to help rebuild TEST to its former glory (assuming it does not collapse in the aftermath of a defeat).

Now let’s consider the third parties – more specifically the Dreddit and Fweddit's allies. Because of the massive overlap of players who have characters in both Dreddit and Fweddit, widespread espionage rings and awox attempts will more than likely be at an all-time high.  Without a doubt, spies already existed in both camps anyway.  However, in the advent of this announcement, loyal Dredditors or Fwedditors may have unknowingly become potential spies, saboteurs, or double-agents.  A potential tidal wave of spies may now have access to various fleet adverts, docking rights, and jump bridges.

At the end of the day, this announcement brought about two sets of opposite emotions; Dreddit and TEST feel betrayed and blindsided by J4LP’s announcement, while Fweddit and J4LP are experiencing a moment of pride by firmly distinguishing themselves and stepping out from under Dreddit and TEST’s shadow.  The 0.0 battlefields will now witness former Reddit brothers and sisters completely obliterating each other. 

First blood has already been drawn.  Redditors, which side will you choose: the Dreddit Dinosaurs or the Fweddit Space Chikuns?

You can find the raw audio from J4LP's State of the Alliance meeting here.  The actual announcement begins at 7:15.

Images courtesy of Kristalll

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