July Site Update: Now Hiring!

A Month of Chaos

June was a wild month at TMC. One of our editors moved across the country and lacked internet for an entire month, leaving the EVE desks to their own devices. Meanwhile, Marc Scaurus and I experienced our first E3, which was a wild event on a number of levels. While in LA, we met Tegiminis—who was also covering that show—and promoted him to editor in the aftermath. Another major pickup for the site is Sun Win, a former Wired columnist—not just a ~games journalist~ but an actual real-world writer with industry experience. We're delighted to have him on board, not merely for his words but also for his counsel.

Amidst all of this, the largest war in recent EVE history broke out, pitting the staff of the website against each other (sorry, guys!) while trying to maintain coverage. The kind of motivated writer who seeks out a position at TMC is coincidentally almost always involved at the leadership level in their alliances, so some of our staff have been too busy fighting in the war to actually write about it. We've persevered, though, and covered most of the major combats thus far.

Sadly, we experienced our first major service outage in almost eleven months of continual uptime. An NFS issue brought the site down for about six hours on July 7th. As it happens, our server admin was on a business trip to Germany and had just gone to bed when the server fried, and his pager didn't work in Europe. We apologize for the outage, but I console myself by saying eleven months of uptime is a pretty good record.

Adventures in Webdev

We have three major development projects remaining before we can consider the site feature complete: implementing a new staff backend based around CKEditor, making the entire site mobile-friendly using responsive design, and adding a forum so we can build the community up. In June, we implemented CKEditor, are about 60% done with the forum, and are midway through responsive design.

CKEditor is all backend, staff-facing development. The old TinyMCE-based writing interface was horrid, and we're delighted to have it gone. The CKEditor upgrade was mostly a Robus Muvila project, with some Irumani CSS help, and they're both Goddamned Heroes for it.

Responsive design is all Irumani, and he seems to be making excellent progress. It is entirely possible that we could have it done by the end of July. Similarly, the forums are a joint project between Irumani and Solo Drakban, and mostly need a little additional CSS before we launch them.

Other Games

We periodically change up our coverage of games here on TMC, following our hyper-competitive PvP demographic as they move between titles. It appears that MWO and DUST are, politely speaking, encountering some difficulties of late. We're curious to see what other titles our users would suggest we look into covering. Star Citizen is little more than vapor at the moment, though there's substantial interest; War Thunder and AirMech have also been mooted as options. Sound off and let us know what you'd like to read about.

Hiring Streamers

We're always looking for charismatic streamers who know how to work a crowd. As anyone who's spent time watching Twitch knows, streaming isn't about merely playing a game well, but interacting with your audience in an engaging way. If you're interested in joining our stream team, email us an example of your work (personal Twitch channel or YouTube) to staff@themittani.com.

Hiring EVE Reporters, League of Legends & PS2 Writers

It's a new month and that means new hires! To apply, email staff@themittani.com with a writing sample of ~800 words covering the game you're interested in applying for. Compensation is 125m isk per published piece, and you should be able to produce at least two pieces a month to avoid being purged. 

EVE Online: We've got a very good stable of feature writers for EVE, but we'd like to get more battle reports and war coverage from a wide spectrum of talent. The southeast and northeast are of particular interest, if you happen to be involved in the DD vs DS southeastern war or the SOLAR vs N3 conflict. We could also use some more CFC or TEST writers, as many of our veteran writers are too busy actually fighting in those wars at the high level to stop and pen battle reports.

League of Legends: Seminole Sun is a hero of a writer and took our 'top writer' prize in June. That said, we could use more LoL coverage—not just e-sports writing, but guides, tips, patch analysis, you name it. I am continually surprised by how hard it is to find good MOBA writers. Prove me wrong and apply today!

PlanetSide 2: PS2 is doing quite well, and we'd like to have coverage beyond MLG and game update analysis; in an ideal world, that would include guides, videos and metagame discussion. If you think you've got what it takes, drop us a line.

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