Jita Burns, The Stygian Shore

The carnage continues in Jita. The Clusterfuck Coalition, lead by Goonswarm, continues their indiscriminate slaughter in the trade capital of New Eden.  Freighters are dying at the rate of approximately two an hour, with ninety-three killed so far.  Jump freighter kills have dried up for the most part, however.  This is not totally surprising, as jump freighter pilots are usually involved in a null sec or low sec group.  There is not really a reason to own a six billion isk ship otherwise. Due to their experience in the more lawless parts of space, they tend to be more aware of events like Burn Jita II. This is not always the case, however, as one jump freighter pilot took to the Eve Online forums to complain.  

This year Thorn Alliance, Noir. Mercenary Group and others have declared war via the ‘war dec’ system to freely engage Goons in high sec.  However, Goonswarm has near total space superiority in Jita.  Usually one or two fleets will be out hunting war targets, leaving the gank fleets, in cheaply fit, high damage, no tank ships to kill anything remotely expensive.  In addition Goonswarm’s CFC allies and TEST are not all under the same war decs.

As of press time (0530 04/21) over three hundred and seventy-five billion ISK has been destroyed. (The following picture comes to us from a source in Goonswarm of a private killboard.)

The Dotlan charts for Jita (taken at 0700 04/21):

TheMittani.com will continue streaming the event.  Tune in throughout the day for streams of the event from the viewpoint of Goonswarm’s Dabigredboat as “The Boatman” continues to guide the wrecks of freighters across the River Styx.

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