Jita Burns, Redux

Normally, highsec is a safe place.  CONCORD, the in-game police, will destroy any ship that illegally attacks another.  While the practice of ‘suicide ganking,’ where a player deliberately sacrifices their ship to destroy another, is not unheard of, it is not common.  Usually, this only happens when the attacking pilot stands to make a profit or is taking vengeance upon the other pilot.  However, this weekend the peaceful tranquility of highsec is going to be violated, specifically in the most populous system, Jita.

For the second time, the Clusterfuck Coalition descends upon Jita like a plague of locusts, destroying all they can.  This year, they have allied with TEST for the duration of the event and many other groups are assisting in the attack on the highsec dwellers.  The Honey Badger Coalition, Fweddit and Red v. Blue are pitching in as well.  The first day of suicide ganks has seen a death toll of over one hundred and fifty billion ISK and there are still two days left.  There are multiple fleets out at any given time, from gank fleets to fleets to fight war targets, and participation is well above last year’s inaugural event.

This year, the carnage is not confined to Jita, the hub of all commerce in New Eden. The Honey Badger Coalition is suicide ganking in Amarr space as well.  Reports also state that Psychotic Monk’s Belligerent Undesirables and James315’s New Order are also ganking.

The body count as of 0530 UTC on 04/20:

The Dotlan graphs on ships destroyed by hour as of same time:

TheMittani.com is going to be featuring live streams of the event for the duration.

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