IRC CSAA: Round Two

Note: Kcolor is the CFC's primary bomber FC, and his report is from the CFC's perspective.

Intrepid Crossing's CSAA in Q-VTWJ was reinforced for the third time this week. The first time it came out saw a 1,000 player battle between IRC (with their allies NCdot and S2N) and the CFC, resulting in massive casualties on both sides and IRC's successful defense of the structure. The second was an AU TZ timer - this was not contested. The third timer ended at a reasonable hour on Sunday night. After the fantastic battle of October 31, both sides were eager for more.

First Blood

A few hours before the CSAA timer formup, the CFC, under the leadership of Dabigredboat and Mister Vee, decided to poke the bear early.  A full Drake fleet of 250 pilots was formed and made the journey into Cobalt Edge, trailed by an NCdot sniper fleet all the while. As in the first battle of Q-V, the gate was heavily camped and bubbled, but the CFC piled straight in regardless. Waiting at range was an IRC Maelstrom fleet; Clusterfuck Coalition Drakes immediately burned towards them. IRC stubbornly held still, losing 50 battleships before warping off.  NCdot's snipers jumped into system shortly after, but did not stick around for long, as the ravenous Drake swarm moved to deal with them as they had the IRC Alpha fleet. This was a bloody defeat for IRC, though without much strategic significance.

Main Course

Finally, the timer was coming up - once again in US prime, at 0200 November 5.  Hoping for as enjoyable a fight as that in October, the CFC brought another 500+ pilots: a Drakefleet, an Abaddon fleet, a frigate force, bombers, and even a few Machariels.

Unfortunately for the defenders, they lacked the numbers that had assembled for the first timer, NCdot and Nulli having moved to Immensea in the meantime. With 200 Intrepid Coalition pilots facing off against 500 CFC members, a fight, understandably, did not occur. Either discouraged by the large number disadvantage or the earlier thumping they took, IRC made the correct call and did not engage.  The POS died, and with it went a rumoured baby Erebus.

With Vale of the Silent falling rapidly to the CFC, further expeditions in search of 'good fights' seem likely - into Cobalt Edge or beyond.

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