IPL5 Starcraft2 Tournament Kicks Off

largest sc2 tournament ? never heard of MLG ??
Although I usually associate MLG with console gaming, the guy's right.
IPL are getting better and better each year.I like MLG for the professionalism, I like Lone Star because of Bitterdam.. but I LOVE IPL for Kibbles and and Knocke. Some of the great casters out there. IPL will be a good'un, and so happy to see some esports coverage here on the mitts.
Of course MLG is huge. But this is a full 72 person double elimination closed bracket. I've never seen anything like that. That's what is meant by largest sc2 tournament. In addition this weekend inclused GSL Code S and the World championship. That's 3 sc2 tournaments in one.
Isn't the open bracket in MLG 128 players?
GSL still the best tournament out there

Day 1 of the IGN ProLeague Season 5 tournament has come to an end and this tournament has lived up to all its hype. The IPL production team took on a massive undertaking in creating a double elimination 72 player bracket, one of the largest closed SC2 tournaments ever professionally undertaken. We’ve seen a plethora of crazy matches: Scarlett vs. NaNiwa, Stephano vs HerO, Nerchio vs NaNiwa, and Life vs Leenock to name just a few. All that and we’re still only in day one of the tournament. Here’s a summary of some of the top players:

Scarlett, an up and coming Zerg player who continually surprises everyone, managed to sweep fellow Canadian Drewbie 2-0 in best a of three matchup, then moved on to take out NaNiwa 2-1. In the 3rd round Scarlett came up against the Terran player Ryung who she also beat 2-0. For her last match of the day Scarlett faced the 4th round seed Zerg player Sleep, despite her strong defense she was unable to hold a strong Zergling push and was defeated 0-2. Scarlett has put on a brilliant show and will drop to the losers bracket where she still has a chance to get herself into the final.

NaNiwa, once one of the best Protoss players in the game, has had a poor showing in his last few tournaments; despite this, he was able to beat the American Terran Trimaster 2-0. But, as mentioned, he was decimated in the second round by Scarlett who took the series 2-1. NaNiwa moved to the losers bracket to face Nerchio (Zerg) where he able to take the series in an impressive show 2-1. Sadly, his good fortune was not to last and in a disappointing show from was defeated by the Korean Terran player Sea 1-2, knocking NaNiwa out of the IGN tournament. This does not mark the end of NaNiwa’s presence in Vegas: he will also participate in the GSL World Championship, taking place on Saturday and Sunday.

Stephano, a strong and well known Zerg player, has performed poorly as of late, losing in the first round of Dreamhack Winter 2012 last week. Casters (eSports commentators) have attributed Stephano’s poor performance over the last month to fatigue, excessive travel and jet lag. However, despite poor performances Stephano managed to start off the tournament strong and swept the Terran player Theognis 2-0 in a best of three match up. In round 2 Stephano was matched up against Liquids’ HerO (Protoss) where he lost the round 1-2 and moved into the losers bracket. Stephano, in his best match of the day, was able to destroy both the Terran player Ganzi and the Zerg player Heart in 2-0 sweeps. Stephano continues to fight for his tournament life in the losers bracket.

Life and Leenock faced off early in this tournament in a grudge match that mirrored the championship round of MLG Fall 2012. They faced off in the third round of the winner's bracket where Leenock was able to defeat his fellow Korean Zerg player, Life. Leenock has managed to defeat every Zerg player 2-0 that he’s come up against including Life, Goswser, and XiGua. This young Korean player goes on to fight to the championship in the winners bracket. 

HyuN (Zerg) and Creator (Protoss) faced off in the 3rd round to decide who would go up against Terran player Liquids TeaJa who was seeded into the 4th round. Unfortunately for TaeJa, Creator was able to take the round against HyuN 2-1. Despite being one of the best Terran players TaeJa’s weakest match is Protoss and, as a result, Creator was able overwhelm TaeJa and win the round beating TaeJa 2-1. TaeJa will move into the losers bracket where tomorrow he will face either Mc or Sniper. Other 4th round seeds include Polt, Crank, snute and many more.

The IGN ProLeague season 5 tournament continues tomorrow which is gearing up to be just as intense and exciting as today’s matchups. The IGN streaming begins at 10 am PST where players will fight through rounds 4-6 in the winners and losers brackets. In addition to the IGN ProLeague tournament, starting at 6 pm PST IPL will be hosting the GSL Code S Semi-final as well as the GSL World championship which begins Saturday at 6pm.

Here’s a guide to keep you up to date with all the action.

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